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  1. man up
    DVF Schools Stephen Colbert on MasculinityShe couldn’t convince him to wear a wrap dress.
  2. Watch: Jane Goodall Was All Hugs on Colbert Demonstrates a proper chimp greeting.
  3. Anna Wintour Never Went on That Date With Stephen ColbertYou know, that one to the Cheesecake Factory. Or was it Long John Silver’s?
  4. wintour wonderland
    Watch Anna Wintour Talk About Gay Marriage, Sweatpants, and Batter-Fried ShrimpShe went on Colbert last night.
  5. gunslingers
    Stephen Colbert Also Finds Gun Fashion Hilarious“Finally, the handgun meets the Tim Gunn!”
  6. mobama watch
    Michelle Obama Can’t Help It If She’s So PopularShe made an appearance on The Colbert Report, plus hosted events at the White House and at the University of Pennsylvania.