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The Curvy Campaign

  1. our bodies ourselves
    Every Single Woman in America Is Now ‘Curvy’The big fat lies we use to talk about Hollywood bodies. And our own, too.
  2. don’t weight up
    ‘Fat’ Fashion Bloggers Gain Attention, But Not ClothesFrom large mainstream brands, at least. Small labels are another story.
  3. daily male
    Chubby Men Deserve to Be Stylish, TooSo says Chubstr.com founder Bruce Sturgell.
  4. quotables
    Meanwhile, Irina Shayk Says Men Love Her ‘Extra Kilos’“Even if you have some extra kilos, you don’t need to kill yourself for that.”
  5. the curvy campaign
    Apparently Using Fuller-Figured Models Wins You AwardsCongrats, Mark Fast!
  6. body issues
    Doutzen Kroes Won’t Discuss Her Body StrugglesBoth were interviewed by eating disorder specialist Jean Fain at Harvard.
  7. body issues
    Franca Sozzani’s Harvard Speech on Thinness“What led us to establish that thin is beautiful and that thinness is the aesthetic code we should follow?”
  8. body issues
    Crystal Renn Is Still Being Peppered With Questions About Her Weight Loss“I have been every single size in fashion.”
  9. the curvy campaign
    Here’s a Novelty: A New Modeling Agency for Girls Sizes Six to TenStarted by “plus”-size model Katie Halchishick.
  10. Watch André Leon Talley’s Hilarious Red-Carpet Interview With Melissa McCarthy“You are extraordinary. And so funny! You are SO funny! And so beautiful!”
  11. the curvy campaign
    No One Seems to Know What a ‘Plus’ Model Really Is“I can’t get a clear answer from anyone.”
  12. the curvy campaign
    Tickets for Full Figured Fashion Week Are Almost Completely Sold Out“It’s been crazy.”
  13. the curvy campaign
    Franca Sozzani Hopes the Three Plus-Size Models on the Cover of Italian Vogue Make the Industry Reconsider Its Obsession With TeenagersShe doesn’t expect plus-size models to rake up tons of work overnight, but she would like to see unquestionably healthy-looking to make a comeback.
  14. the curvy campaign
    Yet Another Reason Why More Plus-Size Clothes Don’t ExistFashion students don’t want to learn how to make them!
  15. the curvy campaign
    Forever 21 Is Renaming Its Plus-Size Line to Sound More, Well, Plus-SizeThe name now includes a plus sign.
  16. the curvy campaign
    Beth Ditto Among the Plus-Size Models in Jean Paul Gaultier’s Spring ShowEveryone thought she stole the show, while the editor of British ‘Vogue’ is tired of “shock” casting.
  17. the curvy campaign
    Pregnant Abby Clancy Walks in Giles’s Spring Show, Veruschka ClosesShe wasn’t the only curvy model on the runway.
  18. ballgown time
    Christina Hendricks Struggles to Find Designer Dresses to BorrowDesigners don’t have things that aren’t a size 0 or 2 to loan her, she says.
  19. the curvy campaign
    Can Julia Roberts Make Muffin Top Happen?It would help if she had a semblance of one herself.
  20. body issues
    Maybe All Those Plus-size Models Pose Nude Because They Have Nothing Great to WearLabels don’t want to pay to figure out how to make fantastic clothes that will fit plus-size body types.
  21. the curvy campaign
    Full Figured Fashion Week ExpandsHi ho, reality-TV stars!
  22. the curvy campaign
    Crystal Renn Doesn’t Like the Term ‘Plus-Size’A plus-size model is still just a model.
  23. the curvy campaign
    French Marie Claire Cast Plus-Size Models for a Swimsuit and Lingerie SpreadNudity and partial nudity included!
  24. quotables
    Sophie Dahl on the Curvy-Model Movement“When a curvy girl is no longer being hailed as different, we’ve made progress.”
  25. the curvy campaign
    American Apparel Rep Says Plus-Size Clothes ‘Are Not Our Demographic’Backlash has ensued.
  26. the curvy campaign
    Robbie Myers Says Elle Macpherson Is ‘Not Skinny’And more of her thoughts on curvy models from the ‘Today’ show.
  27. the curvy campaign
    Were the Fall 2010 Runway Castings Really a Turning Point?The industry claims curves are back, but it’s hard to remain convinced when they’re still the exception, not the rule.
  28. the curvy campaign
    French Elle Devoted the April Issue to Plus-size ModelsIt includes the requisite plus-size nudity.