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The Cut Music Special

  1. the cut music special
    Purity Ring’s Megan James on ‘Future Pop’ and Sexism in MusicPurity Ring’s lead singer talks about making an album long-distance, sewing her own clothes, and the possibility of going solo.
  2. the cut music special
    Kelela on Björk and the Challenge of Performing Electronic Music Live“The music that I’m making now feels like what I’ve always wanted to say.”
  3. the cut music special
    Mitski on Being an Emotional Loser and ‘Giving a Shit’The singer of ‘Townie’ talks about supporting other female musicians, being an Asian-American woman on the punk scene, and more.
  4. the cut music special
    Tei Shi on Covering Beyoncé and Making ‘Mermaid Music’The singer of “Go Slow” says she doesn’t want her music to be defined by labels.
  5. the cut music special
    Tink on Being a Feminist Rapper and Working With TimbalandShe says that without Nicki Minaj, “I probably wouldn’t have thought to rap myself.”
  6. Slutever on That Name and L.A. PunkNicole Snyder and Rachel Gagliardi say their goal is to “inspire other girls to play music.”
  7. the cut music special
    Meredith Graves on Powerful Punk and Her Own LabelShe talks about “paying it forward,” and being a woman on the hardcore scene. 
  8. the cut music special
    Waxahatchee’s Wandering Spirit and Grungy SoundKatie Crutchfield on writing “depressing songs,” working with her twin sister, and more. 
  9. the cut music special
    Kacy Hill’s Kanye-Approved Pop The singer talks about working with West and making a music video in just ten minutes. 
  10. cut bands
    Halsey’s Dream Pop and Instagram ObsessionsThe blue-haired singer of “Hurricane” talks to us about her music, being a rebellious team, and Jaden Smith.