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  1. How The Daily Show’s Dulcé Sloan Gets It DoneFrom performing at The Daily Show to comedy clubs and everything in between.
  2. the third man
    The Best Jokes About Sean Hannity and Michael Cohen“Even Instagram models have higher ethical standards.”
  3. dj mansplain
    Watch Hillary Clinton ‘Sing’ on the Daily Show’s ‘Song for Women 2017’Hillary Clinton joined DJ Mansplain on the song.
  4. roll clip!
    Here’s Salma Hayek Recounting That Time Trump Hit on HerShocking.
  5. politics
    This Holiday Season, Give the Women in Your Life the Gift of Reproductive RightsThe Daily Show has some great gift ideas.
  6. politics
    Tomi Lahren Thinks Trump Actually Does a Lot for Women, You’re Just Ignoring ItShe pointed out Donald Trump’s “positive actions” that liberals “fail to recognize.”
  7. politics
    Trump Supporter to The Daily Show: ‘So What If He Wants to Grab Pussy?’“I wish I could grab as much pussy as he has.”
  8. never tweet
    How Not to Respond to SCOTUS’s Abortion RulingNever tweet.
  9. jessica explains it all
    Women Are Basically Voting With Their Vaginas No Matter What They DoAs Jessica Williams explains on The Daily Show.
  10. cut cover story
    Smirking in the Boys’ Room With Samantha BeeShe’s about to become the first female host of a late-night satirical news show. She wants to make damn sure she’s not the last.
  11. q&a
    Daily Show Creator on the End of the Stewart Era“What Jon did — which is incredibly brilliant — was become the voice of the viewer.”
  12. rain on your parade
    Jessica Williams Explains the Problem With Putting a Woman on the $10 Bill“I’d rather have ten full-Hamilton dollars than $8.45 of lady bucks.” 
  13. malala yousafzai
    Watch Malala Yousafzai on The Daily ShowThe 17-year-old is the subject of a new documentary called Her Name Is Malala.
  14. sisterhood
    Jon Stewart Welcomes Caitlyn Jenner to Womanhood“You’re a woman, which means your looks are really the only thing we care about.”
  15. mind the income gap
    3-D-Printed Penises More Likely Than Wage EqualityKristen Schaal explains.
  16. balls
    The Daily Show Has Sympathy for the ManspreadersA tender message from Kristen Schaal.
  17. look of the day
    Sienna Miller Pulled Off Stripes on StripesFlawless.
  18. this is not how you use the slowclap
    The Daily Show Takes on the ‘Horny Slow Clap’The latest tool in the catcall arsenal.
  19. The Daily Show Deploys ‘Operation Black Hair’An important mission.
  20. hilarious things
    Watch: Kristen Schaal Decodes the Tao of Princeton MomBecause your “dewy, adorable days are gone.”
  21. party chat
    Daily Show’s Lizz Winstead Envisions Her Girls CameoGlowing zit cream.
  22. reclaiming things
    Daily Show’s Lizz Winstead Mocks Mandatory UltrasoundsWatch this creaky, squishy, gynecological nightmare.  
  23. ice cream makes everything better
    Robert Pattinson’s Awkward Silences, Explained“Pretending to eat ice cream is a great way to avoid talking.”
  24. make it work
    Tim Gunn: ‘Condé Nast Would Be Well Served by Having Lots of Straitjackets Around’And his book promotion rolls on!
  25. beauty marks
    Nine West Inks Fragrance Deal; January Jones Sports Twisty CornrowsAlso, Sally Hershberger debuts a new hair treatment that smells like “rotten Fig Newtons.”