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  1. the dedicated
    A Real-Life Goddess Gave Me a FacialIt involved crystals.
  2. the dedicated
    John Galliano Talks China, Meditation, and Upcoming Costume Institute ExhibitA preview of the catalogue for the Met’s new exhibit, “China: Through the Looking Glass.”
  3. How to Find Love, the Matchmaker WayThe best pros to consult when you’re done swiping right.
  4. the dedicated
    Meet 52 Ways to Break Up Creator Megan Rosati “In order to feel really sad about something, at one point you had to feel something pretty beautiful.”
  5. the dedicated
    Forget Liposuction: I Tried Fat-Melting TechnologiesIt was weird.
  6. the dedicated
    Advice From Italian Women: Chill Out About Carbs AlreadyMeet Antonella Rana: Principessa of Pasta.
  7. the dedicated
    Whiten Your Teeth and Watch Free HBOEight shades of whiter teeth in one Game of Thrones episode.
  8. the dedicated
    Birchbox’s First Brick-and-Mortar Store Actually Makes Sense The subscription-box-tailer goes brick-and-mortar. 
  9. the dedicated
    Does At-Home Laser Hair Removal Really Work?With the threat of asymmetric armpit hair, I tried it out.
  10. the dedicated
    A Paris Facialist in Manhattan “French rosewater … is it not deee-vine?”
  11. the dedicated
    A Nail-Art Haven for People Who Hate Nail ArtA place for so-called “sophisticated nail art.” 
  12. hay now
    Hay Baths: A New Spa TreatmentHay now.
  13. the dedicated
    I Tried a Scalp Facial And learned that my hair is full of secrets about my health.
  14. beauty stunts
    I Drank Central Park Pond WaterBecause I’m crazy. And there’s a new filtration device I had to test.
  15. the dedicated
    A New, Super Fancy Face Cream I ‘Had’ to TryThe promise of a new face cream makes my otherwise rational mind abandon reason.
  16. crazy beauty rabbit holes
    7 ‘Natural’ Sleep Aids for InsomniaAn hour makes a huge difference, okay?
  17. the dedicated
    For Women, Facial Shaving Can Make Skin GlowA process called “dermaplaning” is all the rage with the reality-TV stars. We tried it.
  18. the dedicated
    Why I Rolled 162 Tiny Needles Into My FaceIt’s the poor man’s Fraxel laser.
  19. the dedicated
    How I Tightened My Legs and Butt for $77Plus, smoother thigh skin in just 4 weeks.
  20. the dedicated
    Facial Massage: A Good Alternative to Injectables Like Collagen and BotoxAs long as you’re willing to rub your oily fingers all over your face each night.
  21. the dedicated
    Is This Woman’s $800 Stem-Cell Facial Worth It?You’ll walk out looking just slightly “surprised.”
  22. the dedicated
    The Spa Treatment That Turns You Into an HeiressAt least for 90 minutes.
  23. the dedicated
    DIY MicrodermabrasionA new at-home tool that makes your skin crazy-soft.
  24. the dedicated
    The Machine That Gives You ‘Rich-Girl Skin’Pay your way to a new face without surgery or injections.