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  1. the donald
    Christie Brinkley Says Trump Hit on Her While He Was Married to IvanaAnd Brinkley was with Billy Joel.
  2. ‘Sexy’ Prefixes Donald Trump for First Time EverHappy Halloween to America the great.
  3. the donald
    Ivanka Trump Reportedly PregnantGrandpa Don!
  4. other kinds of queens
    Miss Universe Fears the Wrath of the Donald“I’m going to behave because it’s my job and it would be dumb to do otherwise.”
  5. other kinds of queens
    Miss USA Contestant Who Claimed Pageant Was Rigged Owes $5 MillionTrump wins again!
  6. the donald
    ‘Dump Trump’ Macy’s Rally Has a Tight Guest ListOnly 26 people can symbolically destroy their Macy’s credit cards.
  7. the donald
    Many, Many People Think Donald Trump Does Not Reflect the ‘Magic of Macy’s’Cher agrees.