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The Dream Of The 90s

  1. the dream of the 90s
    Ginger Spice Messed Up Her Daughter’s Cupcakes on Live TVBluebell is serious about her cupcakes.
  2. the dream of the ‘90s
    Jenny Slate Is Just Like Seinfeld’s Elaine Benes in LandlineHer new movie is chock-full of mom jeans, pay phones, and complicated women.
  3. Daria Turns 20: A Look Back at MTV’s Misery ChickThe antiheroine of the ‘90s is still relevant today.
  4. the dream of the 90s
    A Moment of Silence for dELiA*s, PleaseIt’s the last day that the dELiA*s website will exist. 
  5. the dream of the 90s
    Saying Good-bye to dELiA*s, Brand of ’90s YouthA unique breed of girl power, sold one catalogue at a time.