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The Economy

  1. frankenstorm
    No One Shopped During Hurricane Sandy, ObviouslyDespite American Apparel’s best (and ickiest) efforts.
  2. the economy
    People Still Think Hemlines Are Related to the EconomyLet’s play along!
  3. covered girls
    Clothes at Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks Expected to Be Less Tight and RevealingYou know labels are playing it safe when even Gucci skips the mirrored runway.
  4. store closings
    American Eagle to Close 50 to 100 StoresAt least they’re not doing as badly as American Apparel.
  5. we don’t think we’re ready for this jelly
    Abercrombie’s Sales Are Finally Up!They still lost money, but not nearly as much as they had been losing! It’s incredible!
  6. store openings
    High-End Retailers Flock to Bleecker StreetA.P.C., Freemans Sporting Club, Pinky Otto, and more head to the West Village.
  7. broke & republic
    Investors Salivating Over Bankrupt Rock & RepublicWe imagine they are conspiring to bring the $200-jeans movement back.
  8. cha-ching!
    LVMH Sales Increase Suggests Luxury Goods Are on the Rebound!Or, at least people are buying fancy watches again.
  9. save versace
    Versace Doesn’t Expect to Break Even Until 2011They’re cutting jobs, launching a lower-priced line, and building an apartment building in Dubai.
  10. this store may be screwed
    Abercrombie’s ‘Business Model Now Appears Fully Broken’December marked the chain’s 21st month in sales declines.
  11. eff the recession
    Breaking: Phi to ShutterThe label cites economic conditions.
  12. mantasies
    Maybe Greenspan’s Manty Index Is Off Because It’s 30 Years OldEconomists are probably just obsessed with it because manties are fun.
  13. layoffs
    Versace’s Layoffs Are 26 Percent of Its WorkforceThey’re the most dramatic cuts by a leading fashion house so far in this recession.
  14. armani watch
    Giorgio Armani Hints at RetirementBut who will succeed him?
  15. tough questions
    Is the Fashion Week Runway Soon to Be a Relic?Lest you forget for one moment, we’re still in trouble.
  16. money matters
    So This One Company Is Probably Kicking Itself for Investing in ValentinoSVG Captial Plc’s stakes in the company have already plummeted 35 percent in value this year.
  17. mantasies
    Manty Sales Are Up! Is the End of the Recession Near?If Alan Greenspan’s manty index is correct, then yes!
  18. eff the recession
    LVMH Finds Ways to Make Money: Lower-Priced Givenchy Clothes!Some of them will even cost under $400.
  19. rich people
    Louis Vuitton Handbags and Clothing Continue Selling BrisklyLVMH’s watches, jewelry, and Champagne? Not so much.
  20. loose threads
    Jackson Family Wears Versace for Michael; André Leon Talley Absent from Couture ShowsAlso, Sir Philip Green says sales at New York’s Topshop are still brisk.
  21. other critics
    Cathy Horyn Loves Her $16 White Jeans From Wal-MartNaturally, she hopes the rest of the world will stop buying Balmain jeans just because they cost $1,500.
  22. loose threads
    Eddie Bauer About to File for Bankruptcy; Natalia Vodianova to DesignAlso, Net-A-Porter’s profits rose 234 percent last year.
  23. poor kids
    Ben Sherman Discontinues Kids’ Line, Because Being Cute Isn’t Good EnoughAnd the footwear line is gone, too.
  24. recession store-ies
    Talbots Sells J. Jill for the Bargain-basement Price of $75 MillionThey bought it in 2006 for $517 million.
  25. loose threads
    Pringle of Scotland Returns to London; Harry Winston’s Sales Down 30.4 PercentAlso, Lara Stone booked a lingerie campaign.
  26. beauty marks
    Bid Farewell to Max FactorThe brand will no longer be sold in the United States after this year.
  27. oh dear
    Aquascutum Prepares for LayoffsThe future is uncertain for the 400-person company.
  28. recession store-ies
    Barneys Might Have Avoided Those Bad Financial Problems If They Had Just Hired a Darn CEOThey’ve been CEO-less for over a year. What gives?
  29. eff the recession
    Hermès Forced to Postpone Store OpeningsBut they still plan to churn out plenty of Birkin bags.
  30. loose threads
    Chanel, Louis Vuitton Poised to Flourish in Recession; Kimora’s New Baby Has a Name!Also ‘The Face’ might be revived next year, and Christian Louboutin is in town!
  31. Recession Causes Stores to Cut Back on Plus-Size ClothesEven though this market has the largest potential for growth of any in the clothing industry.
  32. couture on the cheap
    Christian Dior Swears It’s Not Cutting Back on the Couture ShowIt’s just changing the venue because it feels like it, okay?
  33. save lacroix
    Christian Lacroix Has Been Designing for Free for MonthsHis recently bankrupt label has been unable to pay him.
  34. broke people
    Tiffany Still Doing Quite Badly in the DownturnProfits are down 64 percent.
  35. beauty marks
    Calvin Klein’s New Men’s Scent; Tyrese Likes His Name Tattooed on WomenAnd a British study says that blondes are “25 percent more likely to strike out on a first date.”
  36. oh dear
    Emma Cook Folding After This FallThe London-based designer cites a steady drop in orders as the culprit that brought her down.
  37. oh dear
    Okay, Now We’re REALLY Freaking Out About the Lacroix Couture ShowA spokesman for the label “cannot confirm if the July show will be going ahead.”
  38. loose threads
    J.Crew Profits Down 33 Percent; Gisele Isn’t PregnantBut Gisele IS the face of Versace for fall. Again.
  39. cult of personality
    Miuccia Prada Explains What Was Up With Those Wader BootsIt’s simple: they were fun and ironic. God love her.
  40. oh dear
    Veronique Branquinho FoldsThe eleven-year-old house couldn’t survive the downturn.
  41. mantasies
    Does Alan Greenspan’s Manty Index Mean Anything?If it’s anything like the lipstick or hemline indexes, probably not.
  42. oh dear
    The Economy Threatens Couture WeekChristian Lacroix’s show might not go on.
  43. eff the recession
    Rappers Trade Real Diamond Bling for Cubic-Zirconia BlingTalk about embarrassing.
  44. split seams
    Trouble Brews As Profits Fall at the House of VersaceThe CEO will reportedly step down due to differences with Donatella.
  45. loose threads
    Kate Moss’s Summer Topshop Collection Launches Tomorrow; Burberry Profits DownAlso, Anna Wintour has a graduation to attend.
  46. you know things are bad when…
    You Can Negotiate Prices in Department Stores Now?When asked about the length of a sale, one Lord & Taylor employee said, “There’s always a sale!”
  47. confessions of the rich
    A Luxury Renaissance Is Upon UsLuxury goods are no longer for the aspirational consumer, but only the truly wealthy. And that’s just how rich people like it.
  48. mobama watch
    Michelle Obama Fails to Incite Sales Boosts for Her Favorite DesignersExcept the 26-year-old Jason Wu.
  49. copyfights
    Trovata Fights Forever 21 With Music, Forever 21 Fights Back With Apple CobblerThe landmark trial over fast-fashion knockoffs has begun.
  50. loose threads
    Wal-Mart to Pay $1.9 Million for Black Friday Death; Anna Wintour Walks AloneAlso, you could be a Madewell model! And the glamorous life of one ex–’Project Runway’ contestant.
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