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The Exercist

  1. the exercist
    Gabrielle Union Doesn’t Pretend to Love the Gym“Is it fair to say you don’t like working out?”
  2. inevitable diet package
    I Tried the Most Extreme Workout in ParisIt wasn’t that hard.
  3. swellness
    How a Lazy Couch Potato Became an Exercise FreakIn praise of exercise masochism and workouts that make you want to throw up.
  4. the exercist
    How I Found Love in a Sweaty Hole-in-the-WallAn ode to SoulCycle.
  5. the exercist
    I Got Initiated Into the Skinny Bitch CollectiveInfiltrating the invitation-only British workout craze.
  6. the exercist
    How to Have an Open Relationship With ExerciseMeet ClassPass, the “Open Table” for gyms.
  7. the exercist
    I Found the Hardest Workout in New YorkShirt-drenching.
  8. the exercist
    The Chair Workout That’s Not for Couch PotatoesYou’ll be lunging, not lounging.
  9. modelfit
    Meet ModelFit, a New Gym for Models and MortalsModel-inspired workouts for the people.
  10. the exercist
    I Tried the ‘Spring Break’ Dance-Party WorkoutA class where even non-twerkers have a home.
  11. the exercist
    The Workout Class That Makes You Feel Like BeyoncéWe swirl. We booty-clap. We surfbort. We twerk.