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The Force Awakens

  1. imaginary boyfriends
    How the Internet Picks Its BoyfriendsOscar Isaac, Tom Hardy, Benedict Cumberbatch — they’re all Tumblr fantasy material for a reason.
  2. missed opportunities
    Rey Will Be Added to Star Wars Monopoly You won’t be stuck playing as Kylo Ren after all.
  3. uncanny impressions
    Watch Little Girl’s Impression of Star Wars Fans“AHHHHSPACEAHHH!”
  4. love and star wars
    How to See Star Wars While Still Maintaining Your ChillSummon the force.
  5. style
    Lupita Nyong’o Is Winning the Red-Carpet Star Wars Even if onscreen she’s a tiny motion-capture alien.
  6. loveable nerds
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is a Super-Janky YodaBut he’s still hot.
  7. love and star wars
    The New Star Wars Movie Supposedly Passes the Bechdel TestA tiny victory, but a victory nonetheless.