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The French

  1. museum pieces
    French Fashion Houses Have a New Customer: The French GovernmentThe nation will acquire five items per season.
  2. inevitable diet package
    I Tried the Most Extreme Workout in ParisIt wasn’t that hard.
  3. France Says ‘Non’ to All This Buy-Now-Wear-Now Stuff, ThanksChanel and Dior, among others, won’t be doing it anytime soon.
  4. the french
    French Lawmakers May Pass a Bill Banning Ultrathin ModelsPro-anorexia websites would also be penalized.
  5. the french
    Here’s What’s Going on With the L’Oréal FortuneL’Affaire Bettencourt: an explainer for Americans on the trial that’s captivated France.
  6. quotables
    Inès de la Fressange Says, ‘Totally Good Taste Is Boring’And shopping only at flagship stores is “pathetic.”
  7. lol
    Important French Linguists Say STFU With Your LOLsA decree. 
  8. the french
    A.P.C. Graces Us With New ‘Douche’ BagsFor everyone on your list this holiday season.
  9. skirting the issue
    French Schoolboys Fight Sexism by Wearing SkirtsVive la France!