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The Future Is Now

  1. the future is now
    Dippin’ Dots Announces New Cryogenics CompanyHow long until we can freeze our dead bodies in ice cream?
  2. the future is now
    These Apps Let You Get the Pill and Skip the Pelvic ExamUber for your uterus.
  3. genetics
    A British Scientist Just Got Approval to Begin Gene-Editing EmbryosThe experiments are aimed at advancing infertility treatments.
  4. ayo technology
    Sex With Robots: Something New to Worry AboutEmbrace the future?
  5. the future is now
    Love in the Uncanny Valley: Men and Sex Dolls“I really like women but I don’t like to be around people.”
  6. social psychology
    It’s Time to Get Acquainted With Your Future SelfWe think of our future selves the same way we think of strangers, and it results in some bad long-term decision-making.