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  1. the future
    Wild Speculation: A Series About What Comes NextWhat we’ll take with us when the pandemic ends.
  2. the future
    Where Will Skin Care Go From Here?It will involve fixing what we damaged during the pandemic.
  3. the future
    What Will Be Cool This Summer?Quarantine has made way for a certain kind of person and their taste.
  4. the future
    In the Future, You Can Make Out AnywhereI predict a joyful PDA boom.
  5. the future
    The Return of My Garbage SelfEverything feels so close now, including her.
  6. the future
    Welcome to the Dissociation GenerationCan a new era of drugs help us prioritize healing over hedonism?
  7. the future
    Long Live HugsMay I never take them for granted again.
  8. the future
    Pressing Our Ears to the WallThis pandemic has been a master class in community.
  9. the future
    I’ll Meet You AnywhereEventually, friendship will be expansive again.
  10. the future
    A Queasy Nostalgia for the MoviesI miss how simple an afternoon at the independent theater used to seem.
  11. he’s from the year 6491
    Please Don’t Be Jealous of My Boyfriend James Just Because He’s From the FutureAnd he has “personal relationships” with a few aliens.
  12. pinterest this
    Flying Wedding Veils Are Exactly What They Sound LikeThe latest in matrimony trends.
  13. the future
    Dating on Black Mirror Is Way Better Than in Real LifeCan we sign up for dystopian Tinder?
  14. the future
    This Financial Dominatrix Makes Men Give Her BitcoinTheodora claims to be the first in her profession to accept cryptocurrency.
  15. the future
    A Day Looking to the Future With Astrology Queen Susan Miller & Her Biggest FansQuestions about politics and Trump were plenty at the astrologer’s annual Year Ahead event.
  16. The Indivisible Guide Is Your Resource for Resisting the Trump AgendaNot sure where to start? This guide has everything you need.
  17. dystopias
    A Conversation With Your Future Child About the 2016 Election“Did you vote for the Great and Powerful Emperor Trump?”
  18. The Best Way to Save Humanity May Be to Shrink ItOur savior isn’t Elon Musk, it’s Rick Moranis.
  19. The Key to Accurately Predicting the Future: Know When to Change Your MindIt gets harder the more you know about a subject.
  20. crazy beauty rabbit holes
    Finally, a Solution for Wrinkles That WorksBut it might be kind of creepy?
  21. the future
    The CFDA Agrees: New York Fashion Week Needs to ChangeHow that will be put into practice is a bit less clear.
  22. Get Ready to See Balenciaga in Virtual RealityAll 360 degrees of it.
  23. Why You Keep Signing Your Future Self Up for Stuff You Don’t Actually Want to DoIf you don’t want to go to that thing today, you won’t want to go next week, either.
  24. the future
    Penguin Random House Takes Degree Requirements Off Job ApplicationsThe company wants to attract more “varied candidates.”
  25. the future
    Our Dystopian Future Better Look Like This Grimes VideoShe makes the post-apocalypse look so cool.
  26. the future
    Robots Could Be Making Your Next Pair of YeezysNo. 1 robot fan Kanye West must be thrilled!
  27. superforecasters
    How to Predict the FutureA new book shares the secrets of “superforecasters.”
  28. the future
    The Future of Dieting Is Personalized Algorithms Based on Your Gut BacteriaHealthy-eating plans of the future may be tailored to your own gut bacteria. 
  29. the future
    Genetic Engineering for Our Babies Is RealA new gene-editing technique makes “designer babies” seem like the least of our worries.
  30. the future
    Could This Be the End of Passive-Aggressive Emails?A helpful new program lets you “tone check” your writing.
  31. the future
    I Hope the Internet Ends Before My Kid Needs a Cool Screen NameAnd so I’m not particularly worried about claiming domain names and Gmail accounts on his behalf.
  32. beauty inventions of the future
    Hey, Robots: You’re Terrible at Applying MakeupNot so good at everything, are we, future overlords?
  33. the future
    Gucci Is Getting Into the Wearable-Tech GameWith an assist from Will.i.am.
  34. the future
    Olivia Palermo Threatens to Design Fashion LineJust not yet.
  35. the future
    Here Comes a Remote-Controlled Birth-Control DeviceTerrifying but also incredibly convenient.
  36. quotables
    Lorde: Crossing Bridges Before She Gets to ThemPreparing for imagined futures.
  37. the future
    Never Accidentally Flirt With a Loser AgainWith NameTag, an app being tested for Google Glass.
  38. the future
    Burberry Beauty Opens Its First London StoreThere’s a Runway Nail Bar, which is like a nail fitting room.
  39. the future
    Reading the Royal Baby’s Complete Astrological ChartOur new astrologist predicts he will be “attractive to the other sex” but “timid about expressing emotion.”
  40. the karl of it all
    Chanel Couture: Shiny Solutions to a Dirty WorldA bright, futuristic city inhabited by silvery models.
  41. the future
    You Can Soon Buy Beauty Products on Net-a-PorterBeginning March 20.
  42. the future
    Big Brother Knows You’re Googling ‘Michael Kors Handbags’Binging, too.
  43. the future
    Drexler Sorry Ephron Thinks E-Shopping Is HellBut it’s still “an efficient and valuable way of shopping today.”
  44. the future
    Many, Many People Shopped Online This Holiday SeasonUsing their computers.
  45. future sex love sounds
    Verizon to Thwart All High-School HookupsWith awkwardly on-point commercials.
  46. the future
    Chanel Might Try E-Commerce in 2036Or 2037.
  47. the future
    In Lieu of a Fashion Show, L’Wren Scott Went With InstagramHere’s to efficiency.
  48. the future
    Condé Nast Supposedly Looking to Beef Up DigitalLet’s see about this Internet thing now.
  49. the future
    Giorgio Armani Hasn’t Decided What to Do With His Company YetHe might leave it to a foundation. He might not.
  50. the future
    BCBG Starts Selling Spring 2010 Moments After Show EndsThe curve is moving so fast, we’re not sure we can get ahead of it.