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  1. politics
    Madison Cawthorn Says Leaked Nude Video Was Just a Joke“I was being crass with a friend, trying to be funny.”
  2. divorce
    Home AloneRepublican Congressman Madison Cawthorn and wife Cristina Bayardelle are separating after eight months of marriage.
  3. power
    The Right Wants the Culture War to Turn DeadlyBy openly embracing Kyle Rittenhouse as a hero, Republicans make their violent fantasies clear.
  4. power
    The Face of the GOP’s Hateful FutureMadison Cawthorn is 25, far right, and already plagued with allegations of racism and sexual misconduct. And he’s headed to Congress.
  5. power
    How the Pink Wave Turned RedIt only took two years for Republicans to co-opt the “run women” message.
  6. the gop
    GOP Candidate Teaches Kid How to ‘Build the Wall’ With Blocks in Disturbing AdHe also teaches a baby how to say “make America great again.”
  7. hmmm
    The GOP’s Instagram About Female Political Appointees Is EmbarrassingKaren Pence and Melania Trump — not political appointees!
  8. politics
    Arizona GOP Site Represented Asian-Americans With Picture of Margaret Cho SitcomThey lifted the shot from All-American Girl.