The Hard Part

Amil Niazi’s monthly meditations on the highs and lows of parenting — and every feeling in-between.


TikTok’s Version of Parenting Is a Nightmare Fantasy

Having a baby isn’t easy, but it’s far from the hellscape I can’t stop watching on my FYP.

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  3. There’s No Such Thing as a Vacation with Young KidsA relaxing getaway may no longer be in the cards — but giving in to the chaos can be just as exquisite.
  4. Leave That Screaming Kid AloneThe summer travel season has become complain-about-other-people’s-kids season. If not even children can take up space without reproach, who can?
  5. Facing Infertility With My KidsThe IVF process is a lonely one. I refuse to let it be this time around for the sake of my two children.
  6. Are You a Silky Mom, a Crunchy Mom, or a Scrunchie Mom?Parenting, according to TikTok.
  7. Gentle Parenting Is Too GentleAnd brutal as hell for us parents.
  8. What We Never Say About ParentingIt’s good, actually.
  9. There Is No Break Coming for Parents — EverNew year, same shit.
  10. Holiday Traditions Are Cheesy and Exhausting and Totally Worth ItYour future adult kids will thank you.
  11. Finding Joy for My Kids in the ApocalypseEven when I want to scream into the abyss until my voice runs out.
  12. The Cool-Mom MythIs the default, the “Regular Mom,” that inherently undesirable, unlikable, and unappealing?
  13. The Dread of Watching Your Kid Start SchoolAs my son heads into kindergarten, I’m plagued by my own painful memories.
  14. The Unbearable Heaviness of Being an ‘Old Mom’At 39, every physical ache, every existential spiral, every scroll past young momfluencer content makes me obsess over the time left.
  15. When the Choice to Grow Your Family Isn’t Actually YoursYou’d think the forces that fought Roe would tackle infertility next, but you’d be wrong.
  16. When Dads Do What Moms DoTo share the burden of parenting, you have to actually share it.
  17. Being a ‘Mom’ Isn’t What It Used to BeThe label was always flawed. The pandemic shattered it beyond repair.