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The Harvey Weinstein Case

  1. the harvey weinstein fallout
    French Women Protested Sexual Harassment All Across the Country This WeekendFrench women say #metoo.
  2. take back the workplace
    This Fox News Reporter Is Leading an Anti–Sexual Harassment Protest in HollywoodThe alleged Weinstein victim will lead November’s ‘Take Back the Workplace’ march in Hollywood.
  3. the harvey weinstein case
    Lisa Bloom Reportedly Tried to Share ‘Files’ on Rose McGowan’s ‘Sexual History’The Daily Beast has uncovered more unsavory details about her time as Harvey Weinstein’s attorney.
  4. the harvey weinstein case
    Harvey Weinstein Accuser Breaks NDA to Discuss ‘Egregious’ Settlement Agreement“Unless somebody does this there won’t be a debate about how egregious these agreements are,” she said.
  5. the harvey weinstein case
    All Consuming WomenThe same industries that exploit us turn around and sell our exploitation back to us.
  6. the harvey weinstein case
    Matt Damon Admits What He Knew About Harvey WeinsteinIn an interview with George Clooney, Damon said he knew Weinstein harassed Gwyneth Paltrow.
  7. the harvey weinstein case
    Harvey Weinstein Reportedly Used the Fashion Industry As a ‘Pipeline to Women’According to a new report in the L.A. Times.
  8. the harvey weinstein case
    Listen to an Actress’s Harrowing Account of Harvey Weinstein’s ManipulationErika Rosenbaum’s audio interview with the Times is chilling.
  9. the harvey weinstein case
    Jill Scott Says Harvey Weinstein Insulted Her for Being Pregnant“He said, ‘Who told you to get pregnant?!’”
  10. sexual assault
    Why Men Force Women to Watch Them MasturbateA sex therapist explains.
  11. the harvey weinstein case
    Here’s What It Was Like Inside the Weinstein Co. When the Allegations Came OutA new New Yorker story sheds light on what happened the day both reports were published.
  12. the body politic
    The Conversation We Should Be HavingSharing stories isn’t enough to stop another Weinstein.
  13. me too
    25 Famous Women on Sexual Harassment and AssaultReese Witherspoon, Viola Davis, and more who have spoken out during the Harvey Weinstein case, and others who shared their stories well before now.
  14. the harvey weinstein case
    Democrat Lawmaker Says Women Have ‘Responsibility’ to Prevent Sexual HarassmentCongresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson commented on the Harvey Weinstein allegations.
  15. friends in high places
    Weinstein and Fashion, a Special Relationship1999 was the year Miramax won ten Oscars. It was also the dawn of the celebrity fashion cover.
  16. sexual harassment
    The Price of Smiling for the PhotosWhat I wish I’d told my younger self.
  17. the harvey weinstein case
    Los Angeles City Attorney Urges Harvey Weinstein’s Victims to Come Forward“Where the facts support conviction, we will prosecute.”
  18. sexual harassment
    France Is Reportedly Considering Fining Men for CatcallingIn the wake of the Harvey Weinstein allegations.
  19. legislation
    Proposed Bill to End Tax Breaks for Companies With Sexual Harassment RecordsNew York State assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal has a plan.
  20. first person
    I Went on a Date With My RapistI was ashamed of my behavior for years. Now I know I’m normal.
  21. the harvey weinstein case
    Ex–Harvey Weinstein Assistant Says He Was Abusive Toward His StaffersA former assistant opened up about being exploited and manipulated by the producer.
  22. sexual harassment
    #MeToo Hashtag Shows Just How Common Sexual Assault IsThe social media movement, started by Alyssa Milano, has prompted tweets from Monica Lewinsky and Evan Rachel Wood.
  23. the harvey weinstein case
    Donna Karan Gives First Interview Since Weinstein Sound Bite“I was shocked. I was absolutely in a state of shock.”
  24. the harvey weinstein case
    Courtney Love Warned Women About Weinstein in 2005According to a new TMZ video.
  25. the harvey weinstein case
    Anna Wintour Finally Speaks About Harvey Weinstein“I feel horrible about what these women have experienced.”
  26. the harvey weinstein case
    Sexual Harassment Doesn’t Happen in Fashion, According to Carla BruniEh, non?
  27. the harvey weinstein case
    Harvey Weinstein Forced Felicity Huffman to Wear His Wife’s BrandThe widespread rumor is finally confirmed.
  28. the harvey weinstein case
    Naming and Shaming the Weinsteins of the WorkplaceSince Hollywood’s sex scandal, women across industries have mobilized.
  29. the harvey weinstein case
    Lisa Bloom Finally Explains Why She Took the Harvey Weinstein CaseShe says she would never represent a man like Harvey Weinstein again.
  30. harassment in hollywood
    Former Playboy Model Says Oliver Stone Groped Her at a Party When She Was 22Carrie Stevens spoke out after Stone’s comments about Harvey Weinstein.
  31. A Therapist on What Sex Addiction Really IsIt’s not the same as sexual assault, despite what Harvey Weinstein might think.
  32. the harvey weinstein case
    Heidi Klum Opens Up About Harvey Weinstein“I truly admire these brave women who are coming forward.”
  33. the harvey weinstein case
    Harvey Weinstein’s Employment Contract Reportedly Allowed for ‘Misconduct’As long as he reimbursed the company for settlements or judgements.
  34. Evan Rachel Wood Explains Why She Has Not Named Her Rapists“The fact that women are not able to name their abusers is not their fault.”
  35. the harvey weinstein case
    Harvey Weinstein Has Reportedly Checked Into a Luxury ResortAs more alleged victims continue to come forward.
  36. fashion news
    Jewelry Brand Drops Engagement Ring Collaboration With MarchesaGeorgina Chapman’s collaboration with Helzberg Diamonds seems to be over.
  37. the harvey weinstein case
    Kate Beckinsale Says Harvey Weinstein Propositioned Her When She Was 17She’s the latest actress to come forward with a story about the abusive producer.
  38. the harvey weinstein case
    The NYPD is Investigating Harvey Weinstein Over a 2004 Sexual-Assault AllegationA police spokesperson confirmed the criminal investigation to People.
  39. the harvey weinstein case
    Samantha Bee Has a Message for the Creeps of Hollywood: ‘We Are Coming for You’She dubbed Weinstein “White Cosby” in a scathing segment.
  40. the harvey weinstein case
    Rose McGowan Has Been Suspended From TwitterShe apparently violated the Twitter rules.
  41. the harvey weinstein case
    Hillary Clinton Says She Will Donate Harvey Weinstein’s Political ContributionsThe disgraced producer is a major Democratic donor.
  42. the harvey weinstein case
    Mira Sorvino Calls for a ‘Mass Speaking-Out’ Against Sexual AssaultIn an essay for Time, she wrote about her decision to speak out against Harvey Weinstein.
  43. the harvey weinstein case
    Hollywood Makeup Artist Says Ben Affleck Groped Her at Golden Globes Party“He walked by me, cupped my butt and pressed his finger into my crack,” said Annamarie Tendler.
  44. the harvey weinstein case
    Léa Seydoux Had to Physically Pry Harvey Weinstein Off HerThe actress wrote a letter in The Guardian asking women in the industry to fight for change.
  45. the harvey weinstein case
    Gloria Allred Says More Hollywood Figures Are Being Accused of Harassment Now“Harvey Weinstein is not the beginning and the end of this issue.”
  46. the harvey weinstein case
    Alyssa Milano Explains Why She Didn’t Comment on WeinsteinShe starred on the Weinstein-produced Project Runway All Stars with his wife, Georgina Chapman.
  47. the harvey weinstein case
    Email Prankster Reportedly Tricks Lisa Bloom Into Talking About Harvey WeinsteinThe attorney reportedly claimed she didn’t know the severity of the allegations.
  48. the harvey weinstein case
    Ronan Farrow Says Harvey Weinstein Threatened to Sue Him Over Sexual-Abuse StoryAnd that NBC determined his story was “reportable” before he took it to The New Yorker.
  49. the harvey weinstein case
    Hilarie Burton Says Ben Affleck Groped Her on TRLThe actor later issued a short apology on Twitter.
  50. the harvey weinstein case
    Harvey Weinstein Is Reportedly Going to Sex Rehab in EuropeAccording to TMZ, “He wants to come back with fresh, new ideas.”
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