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  1. head for the hills
    The Hills: Brody and Audrina. Enough Said.Can’t these kids find someone to hook up with outside of their immediate circle?
  2. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Whitney Port’s Line Might Outlast Its PeersWe’re not saying Whitney Eve is a diamond, but it’s something tolerable in the celebrity-fashion-line trough.
  3. beauty marks
    Get a Hills-ian Pedicure, Earth Day Beauty BonanzasThe FDA recalls non-FDA-approved diet pills. We’re shocked.
  4. people who do nothing for a living
    Lo Bosworth (Sort of) Blogs About Her Career Aspirations, Love LifeShe wants to stay on television, if you can imagine that.
  5. people who do nothing for a living
    Lauren Conrad Foists Her Clothing Line on Us Again, This Time at Kohl’sAnd we were foolish enough to think her clothing line wouldn’t return for another year. Sigh.
  6. head for the hills
    Justin-Bobby Reminds Us That Life Is So Short on The HillsThankfully, MTV did not spare us this week from Justin-Bobby’s wisdom.
  7. people who do nothing for a living
    Speidi Copes With the RecessionThey’re not getting $100,000 to show up at clubs, so she’s making up for it with her music career.
  8. people who do nothing for a living
    They Really Could Not Make Audrina Patridge’s New Reality Show Any More BoringJustin Bobby might not get ANY face time.
  9. head for the hills
    Kelly Cutrone Returns to The Hills, Heidi Furthers WomankindLast night marked the return of two very important characters: Kelly Cutrone and our favorite bit player, Lauren’s Mustache.
  10. loose threads
    Pharrell Williams Wants to Make Graduation Gowns; Kate Moss Not Writing a CookbookAlso, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are getting married again.
  11. head for the hills
    Spencer Fights, Heidi Shakes, The Hills Never EndsSpencer and Heidi have a fight. The world doesn’t stop! Neither do our recaps. Read all about last night’s double episode.
  12. people who do nothing for a living
    Lauren Conrad Forced to React to Fake Scenarios for The HillsMore evidence has surfaced that this reality show isn’t real.
  13. people who do nothing for a living
    Wait — Drama on The Hills Is Fabricated?And that is why Lauren Conrad is so glad the season premiering tonight will be her last.
  14. loose threads
    H&M Profits Down for the First Time in Five Years; Oprah Delves Into William RastAlso ‘Hills’ executive producer Adam DiVello is really mad that Audrina got her own show.
  15. people who do nothing for a living
    Lauren Conrad’s Clothing Line Is No MoreBut word is she’s planning a new, higher-end line.
  16. bad ideas
    Audrina Patridge Landed a SpinoffGod help us.
  17. head for the hills
    Lauren Conrad Is Leaving The HillsProducers say she wants to lead a more private life. Yeah. RIGHT.
  18. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Forecasting the Final Season of The Hills From a Single TrailerFrom a two-and-a-half-minute trailer, we can predict what will come in the fifth and final season of ‘The Hills.’
  19. loose threads
    Counterfeit Apparel Seized in L.A.; Justin Bobby Is in Town!Also, luxury labels open fancy stores in Heathrow, and jackets are in for promgoers.
  20. head for the hills
    The Hills Shows How to Shotgun Your WeddingThis week, Spencer lures Heidi into a scary-sounding marriage, and Whitney finally — finally — leaves for New York.
  21. head for the hills
    Whitney Vacantly Begins Her Move From The HillsPlus: Spencer’s a jerk, Stephanie’s clueless, and Lauren’s overemotional. You know, your typical episode.
  22. loose threads
    Zara Opens Giant Upscale Store; Alessandro Dell’Acqua ClosesAlso, Ivanka Trump still makes exorbitantly priced jewelry (surprise), and you can check out Posh Spice’s new dress line.
  23. head for the hills
    We Can’t Wait for Kelly Cutrone’s New Reality ShowCutrone: “Think of it as ‘The Wizard of Oz’ meets Stephen King meets ‘Rhoda.’”
  24. head for the hills
    The Hills Learns About Trust and We Learn About NanaAudrina and Lauren pretend to patch things up, and we meet the woman indirectly responsible for Spencer and Stephanie’s existence.
  25. head for the hills
    Whitney Port Reaches New, Awesome Levels of BoringnessAnd by that we mean, she’s launched a blog!
  26. head for the hills
    Audrina Freaks, Lauren Cries, and The Hills DeliversAfter a lackluster season, ‘The Hills’ delivers a screechy, mascara-ruining episode. Thank God.
  27. head for the hills
    A Disturbingly Thorough Analysis of Justin Bobby’s ‘Hills’ StyleNew York ‘Times’ bloggers have a lot to say about his hat-worn-over-hoodie look.
  28. head for the hills
    The Hills Gives Us a Quickie Existential CrisisNow that they’ve announced a fifth season, will we be recapping this nonsense forever? Actually, don’t answer that.
  29. head for the hills
    The Hills Gives Us the Male-Model Action We DeserveThis week’s episode brings us back to sweet little Whitney — who’s picking up dudes in crappy NYC bars.
  30. head for the hills
    The Hills Unemployment Rate on the RiseThat’s right: Someone loses her fake job this week! But it’s not the recession that does her in: It’s tequila.
  31. over the hills
    Whitney Port Channels Lauren Conrad, Wants to ‘Help People’Which is why she signed on to star in ‘Hills’ spinoff ‘The City’!
  32. head for the hills
    The Hills Will Pretty Much Always Be There for YouAudrina’s totally, completely, 100 percent done with Justin Bobby. Riiiiight.
  33. head for the hills
    Video: Letterman Prompts Lauren Conrad to Question Her IdiocyHe also suggests she’s the reason no one gets along on ‘The Hills’.
  34. when celebrities design
    Heidi Montag’s Fashion Line Is OverAnchor Blue has decided not to renew Montag’s contract for another Heidiwood line. DARN.
  35. head for the hills
    The Hills Relocates to CaboIn this week’s episode, the gang hops on their private jet and heads down to a mansion in Cabo — a lush new setting for the same old drunken drama.
  36. teasers
    Video: A Taste of Whitney Port’s Spinoff, ‘The City’Whitney dates guys, and Olivia Palermo makes her reality-TV debut!
  37. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Dumpster Diving at Lauren Conrad’s Fashion ShowWe’d love to report on the ‘Hills’ star’s latest collection, but getting in was a PR disaster.
  38. head for the hills
    Audrina Heats Up The HillsIn this week’s episode, our supporting heroine takes center stage by going topless. Of course.
  39. over the hills
    We Have Spencer Pratt’s Phone NumberWant to scream at Spencer yourself? Thanks to Facebook and the ‘Daily News,’ you can!
  40. head for the hills
    The Hills Needs a Peace AccordIn this week’s episode, Heidi makes an earnest plea for reconciliation with Lauren. You can imagine how that went over.
  41. head for the hills
    Stephanie and Doug Are the Center of The Hills UniverseAnd their (not so) secret lust for one another grosses us out.
  42. reality tv designers
    A Preview of Whitney Port’s New Clothing LineDresses for sale on Kitson’s website cost $350 to $500!
  43. head for the hills
    Lauren Ditches The Hills — and We Are Entertained!L.C. is vacationing in Italy, which means the supporting characters are running the show this week. And? It’s actually good.
  44. over the hills
    MTV Picks Up Whitney Port’s ‘Hills’ SpinoffThe show about her new life in New York working at DVF will begin airing early next year.
  45. run for the hills
    Heidi Montag to Design Her Own Wedding DressSo … will it be low cut? Or low cut?
  46. over the hills
    ‘Hills’ Spoiler: Audrina Moves Out of Lauren’s HouseDon’t worry, ‘Hills’ camera crews were on the scene, too.
  47. head for the hills
    The Hills Knows No Economic DramaAnother week, another head trip into the un-reality of Lauren Conrad’s world.
  48. over the hills
    Lauren Conrad to Write Books for TweensShe’ll pen a three-book young-adult series called ‘L.A. Candy.’
  49. head for the hills
    Hills Doubleheader: Audrina and Lauren Finally Talk, OMG.In this week’s second episode, the girls get the mascara all over the place. Obviously.
  50. head for the hills
    A Double Dose of The HillsMTV blessed us twice as much this week, especially in giving us a blowout “let’s totally implode in Vegas” episode.
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