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The Hot Duck

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    Well, Well, Well, Looks Like There’s Another Hot Bird in TownThe Hot Duck has competition from a Great Blue Heron.
  2. the hot duck
    Australia’s Hot Duck Is Goth and Lives in a Sewage PondRelatable!
  3. the hot duck
    Meet the Brooklyn DucboiTurns out, there are hot ducks in Brooklyn.
  4. the hot duck
    The Perfect Gift for Hot Duck FansHe’s the ideal muse.
  5. the hot duck
    The Hot Duck Opens Up About His Emotional StateHe spoke to the press for the first time.
  6. animals
    Other Ducks Are Hot, Too, Insists Bird ExpertThe hot Mandarin Duck isn’t special, according to an ornithologist.
  7. mandarin duck
    Call Off the Manhunt: The Hot Duck Is BackThe hot duck briefly disappeared from Central Park, but it’s okay.
  8. meanwhile in canada
    Canada Too Polite to Brag About Its Own Hot DuckCould it be a global conspiracy?
  9. new york city baby
    Everyone Loves the Hot DuckThe Central Park mandarin duck has captivated all of New York City.
  10. dating
    New York’s Most Eligible Bachelor Is This Beautiful DuckHello.