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The Male Gaze

  1. Music Critic Writes 1,442 Words Explaining Why Young Female Musician Is SexyEvery line is cringeworthy.
  2. the male gaze
    Naked Women Wear Leather Jackets on GQ A LotIsn’t everyone cold? 
  3. quotables
    Todd Haynes on Subverting the Male Gaze in CarolThe director explains why he wanted the audience to ask, “Whose story is this?”
  4. drakeing bad
    When Exactly Did Drake Get So Swoll?A timeline.
  5. the male gaze
    Brave Man Survives the Diets, Spanx, and Spray Tans of Red-Carpet PrepThe Cut gave him 12 days to correct the errors of his natural physical state.
  6. good looks
    Sometimes a Little Objectification Can Be a Good ThingThe exception to a feminist rule.
  7. ding-dong watch
    Meet 2 Men Who Feel Entitled to Weigh in on Women’s HotnessHow many 42-year-old women would say the same about them?
  8. tasteful nudes
    Brad Pitt Gazes Upon Nude-Lady ArtArt: Appreciated. 
  9. the male gaze
    Male Gaze: Mr. Porter’s Hot PaperboysExtra, extra! No, really, give us more.
  10. the male gaze
    Male Gaze: Alex Koch’s Bad RomanceThe Under the Dome star is equal parts American Psycho and American heartthrob.