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The Most Fertile Man

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    Elon Musk: Still ReproducingHe and Grimes reportedly had a third child, Techno Mechanicus, last year.
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    Nick Cannon’s Quest to Populate the Earth ContinuesCannon welcomed a baby girl with Abby De La Rosa on Friday, and already has another baby on the way.
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    Nick Cannon’s Sperm Cannot Be StoppedHe is expecting his ninth baby — this time with Brittany Bell.
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    Nick Cannon’s Newest Offspring Has ArrivedHe and Bre Tiesi welcomed a new baby, Legendary, in June.
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    Did Elon Musk Secretly Have Twins With One of His Executives?According to a report from Insider, he and Shivon Zilis recently filed to have their twins’ names changed.
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    And Now Nick Cannon Is Rapping About Parenthood“All of my children will always be friends / Even if they mamas is not in agreeance.”
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    Nick Cannon Did Not Get That VasectomyUnless you count Ryan Reynolds’s vasectomy cocktail.
  8. the most fertile man
    Nick Cannon Says He’s Considering a Vasectomy“I ain’t looking to populate the Earth completely.”
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    Nick Cannon Is at It AgainThe Masked Singer host confirmed that he’s expecting his eighth child.
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    Nick Cannon Says His Therapist Thinks He Should Be CelibateIs his reign as Most Fertile Man coming to an end?!