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The Netherlands

  1. niche drama
    There’s Drama in the Queer Penguin CommunityA conspiring gay couple has stolen an entire nest of eggs from a lesbian couple at the same zoo.
  2. crime
    This Painting Has Been Stolen 3 Times?A Dutch masterpiece depicting two young boys about to get sloshed is missing again.
  3. 2018 winter olympics
    Katie Couric Is Sorry She Said Dutch People Skate EverywhereHow rude.
  4. bad ideas
    A New TV Show Had Contestants Guess Whether a Woman Was Pregnant or FatDutch TV show Neem Je Zwemspullen Mee is not going over well.
  5. politics
    Let’s All Move to the NetherlandsTime to learn Dutch.
  6. If You Want To Feel Good About Yourself, Don’t Have KidsNewborns: bad for your self-esteem.
  7. red herring
    Survey Says: Dutch People Eat Better Than Everyone Else in the WorldTo celebrate, let’s eat some stroopwafels.