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  1. labor
    Condé Nast Employees Protested Outside Anna Wintour’s HouseThe New Yorker Union members chanted, “Bosses wear Prada, workers get nada.”
  2. mad online
    Billie Eilish Riles Up New Yorker Readers of All AgesSomehow, a piece about the Gen-Z pop star led several generations to pontificate angrily about 9/11 in harmony.
  3. 6 Cats React to ‘Cat Person’“Robert sounds like a bad date, sure. But what kind of owner is he?”
  4. the harvey weinstein case
    Weinstein Used Spies Posed as Women’s Advocates to Get Info About His VictimsAccording to Ronan Farrow’s newest investigation.
  5. hairy situations
    Man Buns Have Made It to the Cover of the New YorkerThe struggle of the man bun is now a New Yorker cartoon.
  6. the double standard
    Grimes Has Heard Enough From Guy Producers“Half the population is not really being heard.”
  7. deliverance
    Lena Dunham Wrote an Essay on Ordering DeliveryYou wouldn’t believe it, but Dunham wrote something about childhood, death, and soup.
  8. tastemakers
    Vanessa Friedman Wore One Bag All Fashion MonthBecause, if there’s one thing the Financial Times fashion editor hates, it’s dressing for bloggers.
  9. dirty words
    The New Yorker Bans SlacksShow a little leg, Remnick!
  10. quotables
    The New Yorker Notes Christine Quinn Wears Cheap ShoesShe left the price tag on one.