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The Occult

  1. the cut podcast
    Turning to TarotHaving our fortune read on this week’s episode of The Cut podcast.
  2. witchin’
    People Won’t Stop Asking Sally Quinn to Hex Donald TrumpThe D.C. grande dame admits to dabbling in the occult, and says she’s placed a hex or two in her day.
  3. the occult
    Witch Says Warlock Is Harassing Her Using Dark Magic Called ‘the Telephone’Happy Halloween!
  4. the occult
    Tech Bros Now Hiring Psychics to Cast Charms on Their ComputersPsychics and other various mystical advisers are gaining popularity in Silicon Valley.
  5. the occult
    How Tarot Became the Trendiest Party GameAn Instagrammable social lubricant for modern mystics.