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The Olsen Twins

  1. congrats!
    I’m Dying for More Details About Ashley Olsen’s WeddingShe and longtime boyfriend Louis Eisner reportedly wed at a secret ceremony in Bel Air.
  2. hotshot
    What’s the Last Thing You’d Expect the Olsen Twins to Wear?Well… they wore it.
  3. the row
    Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s New Menswear Line Will Be ‘Quite Sexy’Assuming you think high-waisted pants are sexy on men.
  4. fixations
    I Think About This a Lot: The Food Fight in This Olsen Twins MovieAs with most fun things, I figured this was something children are not allowed to do, but that we’d have ample opportunity to enjoy as adults.
  5. good vibes
    The Olsen Twins Gave Out Crystals at Fashion WeekTo “block negative energies.”
  6. epiphany
    Oh My God, the Olsen Twins Should Have Taken Over CélineHow did we not think of this before?
  7. style
    The Row’s ‘Happy Birthday’ Card to Vogue Says EverythingAnd also pretty much nothing.
  8. Mary-Kate Olsen’s Wedding Was Cooler Than YoursParty décor: bowls and bowls of cigarettes.
  9. the olsen twins
    Mary-Kate Olsen Just Learned How to Brush Her HairHer bedhead look simply never required it. 
  10. quotables
    Michelle Tanner Wore Marc Jacobs, ChanelThe Olsens have been living aspirationally since the Full House days.
  11. feisty quotables
    Celeb Stylist: The Row Excels at ‘Ripping Off’Maybe it’s a backhanded compliment?
  12. happy birthday
    Happy 27th Birthday, Olsen Twins!Still can’t process the fact that they’re fraternal after all these years.
  13. weddings!
    Michael Kors Went to a Movie on His Wedding DayAlso, he makes an Olsen twin reference!
  14. disses
    Looks Like the Olsen Weren’t Fans of ModellandThey don’t know what they missed out on.
  15. multitasking
    The Olsens Have Had a Busy WeekIt included planking, apparently.
  16. manderson
    Anderson Cooper Is Disturbed by the Olsen Twins’ $39K BackpackAlso, he can’t pronounce ‘Hermès’.
  17. paris fashion week
    Video: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Take the Row to ParisThe twins talked small groups of editors through the collection piece by piece.