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The Patriarchy

  1. celebrity gossip
    Jenny Slate Says Celebrity Gossip Is a Tool of the PatriarchyJenny is not here for your speculations about her personal life.
  2. Women Pay More Than Men for the Same Products, and Here’s ProofBecause it costs more to be a woman. 
  3. the patriarchy
    Awkward: Boy Wins Competition for Girls in TechWe’re going to blame the competition for this one.
  4. the female gaze
    Hot Man Bradley Cooper Blasts PatriarchyYour mouth looks so hot when it forms the words “patriarchal society.”
  5. the patriarchy
    Helen Mirren Wants Your Shoulders to Be FreeThe Dame makes a point about PDA of the patriarchy.
  6. r.i.p.
    39 Things We’ll Miss About Patriarchy, Which Is DeadSlate says feminists need to get over it.
  7. the patriarchy
    Confirmed: Men Take Up Too Much Space on PlanesClose your legs, bro.
  8. it’s for charity
    Woman’s Virginity Worth 250 Times More Than Man’sAccording to the latest auction data from VirginsWanted.com.au.