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The Pope

  1. hmm
    Childless Man Says Not Having Kids Is ‘Selfish’Pope Francis specifically called out pet owners.
  2. religion
    The Pope Says Sexy Sins Are Not the ‘Most Serious’ SinsAmen ;)
  3. amen
    The Pope Says, for the Love of God, Get VaccinatedOr else he will call out your little anti-vaxx ass!
  4. mea culpa
    Who Liked a Butt Pic From the Pope’s Instagram?The Vatican is investigating.
  5. oh?
    The Pope Says Pleasures of Sex and Eating Are ‘Simply Divine’They “come from God,” per Pope Francis.
  6. coronavirus
    The Pope’s Okay for NowIt was just a cold.
  7. called out
    Please Log Off, the Pope BegsFor the love of God, literally.
  8. photo ops
    The Pope Looked Just As Grumpy Next to Justin TrudeauWhy the long face, pontiff?
  9. owned
    This Story Might Almost Make You Feel Bad for Sean SpicerSpicer was reportedly not invited to meet the pope, even though it meant very much to him.
  10. cool pope watch
    George Clooney’s Italian Is Better Than Leo’sHe proved it while meeting the Pope in Rome this weekend.
  11. the teens
    The Pope Says Happiness Isn’t Found in an App, But Hasn’t He Heard of Instagram?The Pope came for the teens.
  12. crushes
    Kerry Washington Has a Crush on the PopePope loves the pope.
  13. quotables
    Suzy Menkes Thinks the Pope Is Making Italian Fashion Less SexyHe is the reason Italian designers are now humble (or so she thinks).
  14. mobama watch
    Michelle Obama’s Easter Outfit: Another Prabal Gurung RepeatPlus: what the Pope wore yesterday, and outfits from today’s White House Easter Egg Roll contest.
  15. zomg shoes
    Speculation About New Pope’s Shoes ‘Reaching Fever Pitch’“Pope Francis is quite a long way from Benedict in terms of style.”
  16. New Pope Not Wearing His Red Shoes, YetWhither the Prada accessories?
  17. the pope
    The Funniest Celebrity #Pope TweetsHoly Roman Twitterverse! Who knew all of these people were Catholic?
  18. For the Pope: (Unholy) Water to Put on Your FaceHere’s how to absolve your skin woes.
  19. the vatican has spoken
    The Papal Conclave Explained in Reality TV MetaphorsVatican’s Real Housewives meet Survivor.
  20. sassy footwear
    The Pope and Hamish Bowles Have Something in CommonSocks!