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  1. king charles coronation
    The Headwear of the Coronation, RankedCrowns, tiaras, and fascinators galore.
  2. keeping up with the royals
    All the Looks From King Charles III’s CoronationRobes, crowns, and Katy Perry.
  3. king charles coronation
    Introducing Queen CamillaCharles wasn’t the only one getting crowned on Saturday.
  4. fact check
    The Queen Loved Her Big Singing BassOne thing The Crown got right.
  5. keeping up with the royals
    Update: The Queen’s Corgis Are AliveBut are they well?
  6. royals
    What to Know About the Royal SuccessionBuckingham Palace has tweeted a save-the-date notice for King Charles’s coronation.
  7. royals
    Everything to Know About the Queen’s FuneralAfter a week of meticulously detailed royal protocol, Queen Elizabeth II is laid to rest on Monday at Windsor castle.
  8. big long lines
    The Queue Absolutely Destroyed MeA five-mile line to see the queen’s coffin at Westminster Hall caused lots of drama.
  9. royals
    Attempting to Untangle the Royal InheritanceKing Charles III gets custody of the U.K. seabed, a new duchy, and an untold fortune from the queen.
  10. royals
    King Charles’s Reign of Fussiness Has BegunI’m not so sure about this new queen.
  11. queen elizabeth
    How Twitter Mourned (and Memed) the QueenThe queen’s death brought about a confusing mix of somber tributes, memes, and finger-wagging scolds online.
  12. royals
    Guess Who’s Inheriting the Queen’s CorgisHer favorite son reclaims one royal duty.
  13. extremely online
    Posting for the QueenBrands such as Domino’s, McDonald’s, and Playmobil scrambled to issue dignified statements about the monarch’s death, but why?
  14. royals
    What Happens to Prince Andrew Now?With the queen’s death, mummy’s favourite boy may receive very different treatment.
  15. royals
    The Queen Is Under ‘Medical Supervision’ at BalmoralAs her family travels to Scotland, the queen’s doctors are “concerned for Her Majesty’s health.”
  16. scandale
    Is the Queen Beefing With Her ‘Favourite’ Cheese?She is reportedly thinking about revoking the royal crest from her preferred cheddar over a local environmental calamity.
  17. keeping up with the royals
    Stonehenge Is Now a Queen Elizabeth BillboardThe unique celebration is for the queen’s Platinum Jubilee.
  18. hot goss
    No One Does Royal Gossip Like Tina BrownTalking to the journalist about Megxit, Prince Andrew, and her new biography, The Palace Papers.
  19. obsessions
    I Can’t Shut Up About the Queen’s Personal ZooShe technically owns all the swans in England??
  20. keeping up with the royals
    The Queen’s Favorite Boy Is Back by Her SideThe public were displeased to see Prince Andrew escort her at Prince Philip’s memorial service.
  21. keeping up with the royals
    Sorry Haters, the Queen Is Back at WorkNot even COVID-19 and death hoaxes can keep her down.
  22. huh?
    Hollywood Unlocked Finally Admits the Queen Is AliveThey retracted the hoax that she had died — but not without citing a mountain of “evidence” first.
  23. keeping up with the royals
    So How Is Prince Andrew Going to Pay for This?He settled his sex-abuse case with Virginia Roberts Giuffre for probable millions. Where’s that money coming from?
  24. keeping up with the royals
    Duchess Camilla Will Get to Be a QueenHer mother-in-law wants her to have the title of “queen consort.”
  25. keeping up with the royals
    Omicron Is Ruining the Queen’s Christmas TooThe queen has canceled many of her holiday traditions following a surge of COVID cases.
  26. bye colonialism
    Rihanna Is Officially a National HeroFrom now on, she is the only queen Barbados will recognize.
  27. youth
    Actually, the Queen Is Not Old at AllWhich is why Her Majesty said she “does not believe she meets the relevant criteria to be able to accept” the Oldie of the Year award.
  28. nobility
    Prince Andrew Is Reportedly Hiding Out at His Mom’s HouseHe reportedly dodged the agents trying to serve him in his rape case by fleeing to Balmoral Castle.
  29. keeping up with the royals
    Harry and William Spotted Chatting at Prince Philip’s FuneralThe whole thing looked reserved and respectful, as expected.
  30. keeping up with the royals
    The Royals Are Reportedly Planning a Diversity TrainingPalace sources say they have agreed to a “listen and learn” exercise.
  31. keeping up with the royals
    The Queen Is ‘Saddened’ But Not SorryTwo days after Meghan and Harry’s explosive Oprah interview, the palace has finally released a statement.
  32. keeping up with the royals
    What Does the Queen Even Keep in Her Tiny House Purse?Investigating an improbable royal accessory.
  33. culture
    I’m Obsessed With the Queen’s Terrible AdviceEverything on The Crown can be solved with a nice brisk walk.
  34. culture
    Wow, This Really Is the Least Boring Season of The Crown If you’ve never seen the show, this is a good time to jump in.
  35. keeping up with the royals
    Meghan and Harry Have Paid Back Their Remodeling ExpensesThey’ve repaid $3.2 million in taxpayer funds for their Frogmore Cottage renovations.
  36. keeping up with the royals
    Princess Beatrice Got Married in SecretHer father, Prince Andrew, reportedly walked her down the aisle at the small, socially-distanced ceremony.
  37. keeping up with the royals
    Queen Elizabeth Praises Public for Staying Home in Special Coronavirus Address“Today … many will feel a painful sense of separation from their loved ones, but … we know deep down that it is the right thing to do.”
  38. keeping up with the royals
    Did Harry and Meghan Break Up With the Queen Over Email?The humble origins of Megxit.
  39. keeping up with the royals
    Looks Like the Next Royal Wedding Is OffPrincess Beatrice has canceled the reception over coronavirus concerns, though she may still hold a family-only event.
  40. keeping up with the royals
    The Queen Has Reportedly Relocated Amid Coronavirus ConcernsThe queen and Prince Philip left Buckingham Palace for Windsor Castle on Thursday.
  41. keeping up with the royals
    Nobody Wants to Go to Bad Man’s Birthday PartyPeople keep RSVPing “unavailable” to Prince Andrew’s 60th birthday dinner, imagine that.
  42. keeping up with the royals
    Everything We Know About the Royal Deal With Prince Harry and Meghan MarkleThe royal family had a productive weekend. Here’s a helpful guide to all the drama.
  43. keeping up with the royals
    Looks Like the Queen Is Giving Harry and Meghan What They WantAccording to a new statement, the queen isn’t mad, just disappointed.
  44. keeping up with the royals
    Prince Harry Already Experiencing Harrowing Aspects of Normal LifeHe has reportedly been on a four-way conference call for the entire workday.
  45. keeping up with the royals
    The Royal Family Isn’t Mad at Meghan and Harry, Just ‘Disappointed’After deciding to spend Christmas with his wife’s family, Prince Harry is reminded that his grandparents aren’t getting any younger.
  46. the queen
    The Queen Should Just Become a Beauty VloggerWhy not?
  47. the queen
    The Most Memorable Moments From Aretha Franklin’s FuneralOn Friday, the world paid tribute to the Queen of Soul.
  48. secrets secrets hurt someone
    The Queen Has a Secret Engagement Photo of Prince Harry and Meghan MarkleThe Queen has been hiding the secret engagement shot, keeping it all to herself!
  49. london fashion week
    A Certain Royal Graced London Fashion Week With Her Presence TodayAnd sat next to Anna Wintour.
  50. the queen
    Here Are New Pictures of Beyoncé, One Month After Having TwinsAll hail the queen.
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