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The Royal Family

  1. dorm decor
    Prince Harry Had a Halle Berry Poster in His Boarding School Dorm RoomHis dorm decor at Eton College included an iconic photo of Halle Berry.
  2. flying solo
    Meghan Markle Reportedly Took Her First Solo Trip AbroadHer airline was instructed not to take any photos of her.
  3. The Queen’s Yearbook Photo Is Way Nicer Than YoursBut where are the corgis?
  4. snubs
    Prince George Has No Time for Justin Trudeau’s High FivesNo time at all!
  5. king me
    Prince William Promises He Won’t Be a Slacker“I take duty very seriously.”
  6. look of the day
    Kate Middleton Sure Looks Great in This Sears AdOn holiday in the French Alps.
  7. holiday cards
    Suburban American Nuclear Family or Some Royals?Winner takes all.
  8. the royal family
    As of Today, Queen Elizabeth II Is Britain’s Longest-Ruling MonarchAt 63 years and 216 days, she just surpassed Victoria. A dual look back at two queens, 127 years, and many, many pets.
  9. royal baby the sequel
    The Royal Family Is As Instabasic As You AreThe only cute-baby Instagram account you ever need to follow.
  10. the royal family
    Here’s the Royal Family Posing in PastelsBaby George, you’re pulling focus!
  11. regrets
    Kate Middleton Deeply Regrets a Color SchemeA haunting “unexpected purple tinge.”