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The Royals

  1. crown jewels
    How Royal Was The Royals? Scoring Episode 1A rigorous analysis of E!’s new show. 
  2. look of the day
    Prince George, World’s Tiniest Diplomat, Sends Tidings of CuteIn a tiny, militaristic sweater. 
  3. and we’ll never be royals
    William and Kate Arrive in NYC, Obamas Challenge Their Fashion SupremacyMichelle taunted Kate by basically wearing a Frozen costume.
  4. the royals
    William and Kate Are Coming to NYC in DecemberThey’re even going to attend a Nets game.
  5. babies
    Kate Middleton Is Pregnant, Palace ConfirmsGeorge gets a sibling.
  6. baby-g
    Baby George’s First Vanity Fair Cover Is So Chic, On Point, CrispyWhat can’t this elegant baby do? 
  7. bring up the bodies
    Hilary Mantel Stands by Kate Middleton Remarks“I would say it all over again.”
  8. bananas
    Prince William Told Kate She Looked Like a BananaShe did though. 
  9. highly organized playdates
    Prince George Attends Extremely Formal PlaydateBabies engage in ceremonial recreation.
  10. making appearances
    Examining Harry and Cressida’s First Official Appearance TogetherSitting close.
  11. princesses!!!
    Kate Middleton to Become Real Author Published in a Real Book Princess, writer, multi-hyphenate.
  12. pip pip hooray
    Pippa Middleton Asks: Do Oysters Really Turn One Into a Lusty Horndog?Your favorite columnist inquires. 
  13. princesses!!!
    There’s a New Royal Baby in London TownZara Phillips gave birth to a baby girl.
  14. going to the dogs
    Royal Spaniel Drama Afoot at the PalacePuppy love no more?
  15. keeping up with the royals
    Beard War: Prince Harry vs. Queen Elizabeth Not everyone likes hairy Harry.
  16. no news
    The New York Times Discovers Cressida BonasCringe de la cringe.
  17. voicemails
    Prince William Left a Hilarious Voice Mail for His BrotherFalsetto was involved.
  18. transportation
    A Bulletproof Bentley for Baby Prince GeorgeThe royals are leasing a fancy new car. 
  19. shocking twists
    Royal Scandals Revealed in Phone-Hacking Trial Are Mad BoringSHOCKING twists on the long road to sleepy-boring-town.
  20. zomg hats
    The Craziest Hats & Fascinators From Royal AscotAdorning the crowns of the royal family, of course.
  21. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Prince William’s Jubilant St. Paddy’s SpiritSprigs of shamrock sprouted from his cap.
  22. princess hobbies
    Kate Middleton Has Taken Up PhotographyAnd blogging. 
  23. the royals
    Are You Bothered By Prince Harry’s ‘Oversize’ Chinos?WWD’s editors are — the baggy pants cost him an A in their Man of the Week column.
  24. the royals
    Jaeger Reveals Uniforms for Kensington Palace StaffSadly, they don’t come with replica crowns.
  25. the royals
    British Label Jaeger London Is Making New Uniforms for the Royal Family’s StaffSo everyone can look as nice as Duchess Catherine. Well, almost.