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The Science Of Dreams

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    Apparently, Animals Dream of Learning, TooHumans aren’t the only creatures that get smarter with sleep.
  2. How Keeping a Dream Journal Can Help You Understand Your Waking LifeThe benefits of writing down your dreams.
  3. the science of dreams
    How the Surrealists Harnessed Their Dreams and Made the World Way WeirderWhy wouldn’t you want to use your unconscious for your art?
  4. The Science of Dreams
    All My Dreams are Boring. Does That Make Me a Boring Person?My dream self spends way too much time in the grocery store.
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    Why Your Dreams Go Crazy When You Stop Smoking PotMost people think it has to do with REM sleep. Not so, insists a sleep researcher who has come up with a competing theory.
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    If Your Uncontrollable Life Is Making You Anxious, Try Controlling Your DreamsSome scientists believe that lucid dreaming may be useful as a therapeutic tool.
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    What It’s Like When Your Daydreams Are Just As Real As LifeA maladaptive daydreamer describes just how overwhelming it can be.
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    How Much Do You Know About Freudian Dream-Interpretation?Sometimes a quiz is just a quiz.
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    Hack Your Dreams With These Crazy Lucid-Dreaming InventionsIn recent years, a new wave of start-ups focused on lucid dreaming has produced everything from headgear to eye masks to pills.
  10. Why Dreams Are So Essential to ISIS SympathizersDreams can be the deciding factor in decisions to join the terrorist group or carry out an attack.
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    A Professional Guide to Dream InterpretationIt’s a lot like analyzing poetry.
  12. What Dreams Are Like When You’re BlindHave you ever smelled something in a dream? What about taste?
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    Little Kids Use Their Dreams to Figure Out Real Life“Some of the dreams we have in childhood become lifelong touchstones of emotion.”
  14. the science of dreams
    5 Leading Theories of What Dreams Actually AreProphecies, memories, and more.
  15. What to Do During the Day to Increase Your Chances of Lucid Dreaming at NightThis is rather Inception-like.
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    Are Naps Actually Good for Economic Productivity?It’s a question economists have been, well, sleeping on.