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The September Issue

  1. we can’t even
    The Time Anna Wintour Fat-Shamed a CameramanRewatching the documentary The September Issue, which turns ten this fall.
  2. exit music
    Grace Coddington Steps Down As Vogue Creative DirectorBut don’t worry: “I’m certainly not going into retirement,” she says. 
  3. carine!
    Roitfeld’s Magazine Launch: A Documentary FilmMove over, September Issue.
  4. i’m a carrie
    R. J. Cutler Searching for Fabulous NobodiesHe needs a “stylish twenty-something actress” to play “a fashion-obsessed door girl at a downtown nightclub in Eighties Manhattan.”
  5. don’t tweet this
    Apparently People at Condé Nast Use Elevator Time to Judge Each Other’s BreakfastsAnd generally talk about how awesome they are.
  6. party chat
    R.J. Cutler Is Still Chummy With the Vogue CrowdHe gave Grace Coddington an antique tape measure for her birthday.
  7. loose threads
    Snooki Wants to Design; Samantha Cameron Gets Flack for Wearing an Expensive DressAlso, Lauren Weisberger is still talking about Anna Wintour.
  8. party lines
    Grace Coddington Won’t Be Filming a September Issue Sequel“Count me out.”
  9. loose threads
    Madonna Impersonators Flood Material Girl Launch; Gisele Fights Back About Breast-feedingPlus, more September cover reveals.
  10. party lines
    Grace Coddington, André Leon Talley, and R.J. Cutler Discuss Fighting and FacebookNo, Grace and André did not send you a friend request.
  11. wintour wonderland
    R.J. Cutler Still in Awe of Anna ‘the Machine’ WintourHe blogs about what he learned from Anna while filming ‘The September Issue.’
  12. models eat pie too
    More New September Issue Footage: Grace Coddington Orders PiesThe model shall not go without.
  13. wintour wonderland
    Exclusive Video: Never-Before-Seen Footage From The September Issue DVDAnna and André make Paulo Melim Andersson nervous backstage.
  14. in vogue
    Grace Coddington’s Next FilmAlso, she wants nothing to do with the digital revolution at Condé Nast.
  15. wintour wonderland
    The September Issue DVD Will Contain 90 Minutes of Unseen FootageIt’s like a whole extra movie!
  16. life with andre
    André Leon Talley Will Ride Horses, But He Will Not DanceUnless he’s at a private party. Then he might get up and shake it. Might.
  17. conde fight!
    Oscar Short List Picks Vanity Fair Over Vogue’Valentino The Last Emperor’ was shortlisted for the Oscars, but not ‘The September Issue.’ Drama!
  18. real people work in fashion too
    Grace Coddington Enjoys Interacting With Fans on the SubwayYes, she takes the subway to ‘Vogue.’
  19. obviousness
    Forbes: Anna Wintour Is the Most Powerful Magazine Fashion EditorBut we knew that.
  20. we feel opinionated
    Fashion Magazines Turn to Reality TV to Stay RelevantScrew changing editorial content!
  21. wintour wonderland
    The September Issue’s Opening Weekend Is the Fifth-Best Documentary Debut in History’Vogue’ might not be making much money, but R.J. Cutler’s documentary about the magazine sure is.
  22. wintour wonderland
    The September Issue Reviewed’New York’ film critic David Edelstein weighs in on the epic ‘Vogue’ documentary.
  23. quotables
    R.J. Cutler Calls Filming The September Issue ‘Hell’“Every day you’re on a tightrope, looking down thinking, why did I do this to myself?”
  24. life with andre
    Another September Issue Clip: André Leon Talley’s Tennis LessonHow many Louis Vuitton bags do you take to practice?
  25. party lines
    The September Issue Taught Lauren Santo Domingo Things She Never Knew About Her EmployerShe saw the photo meetings for the very first time in the film.
  26. amazing grace
    Sometimes Grace Coddington Feels ‘Like Killing’ Anna WintourGrace probably isn’t in danger of losing her job.
  27. fashion yearbook
    Anna Wintour’s Prada Upstages Every Other Outfit at The September Issue PremiereSee what Bee Shaffer, Sienna Miller, Zac Posen, P. Diddy, and many more wore last night.
  28. party lines
    Anna Wintour to Visit Brooklyn, Critiques Daughter’s Clothes, and More News From the September Issue PremiereAlso expect to see color, color, and more color this spring.
  29. in vogue
    September Issue Clips: Sienna Miller’s Wig Issues and Grace Coddington’s Photo ShootOne minute and ten seconds of behind-the-’Vogue’-scenes amazingness.
  30. wintour wonderland
    Post: Anna Wintour Is a DictatorThey don’t have the highest opinion of her after watching ‘The September Issue.’
  31. in vogue
    The September Issue’s Vogue Is Much Different From Today’s Vogue’Vogue’ had a lot more money two years ago.
  32. wintour wonderland
    Anna Wintour ‘Completely Controlling’ September Issue PublicityWhich explains why she’s holding a party for the movie next month.
  33. wintour wonderland
    Anna Wintour’s September Issue Party Could Be the Most Fabulous Thing Since the Met GalaAnd if you can’t go, you can buy tickets to a screening next week.
  34. wintour wonderland
    Video: The September Issue Could Be the Antidote to The Devil Wears PradaAnd it looks absolutely amazing.
  35. wintour wonderland
    Anna Wintour Not Afraid to Tell Her Staff to Hit the GymAndré Leon Talley included.
  36. in vogue
    The September Issue Heads to TheatersGuess which month it’s coming out?
  37. in vogue
    We Are Not Surprised Vogue Photoshopped Sienna Miller’s Head onto a Different BodyMagazines do this all the time.
  38. wintour wonderland
    60 Minutes Is Doing a Story on Anna WintourWe hear they’ve been following her for at least two months.
  39. wintour wonderland
    Anna Wintour Gets Chatty at SundanceIs she trying to revamp her image?