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The Swift Pr Machine

  1. the swift pr machine
    How Taylor Swift Keeps Her Visits With Joe Alwyn So SecretIt helps to have a private jet.
  2. the swift pr machine
    Taylor Swift Really Knows How to Kill a JokeFor her holiday cards this year, the singer doubled down on her serpentine reputation.
  3. zero gravity
    What Do Taylor Swift’s Boobs Think They Are Doing?This is the craziest video I have ever seen in my life.
  4. the swift pr machine
    Taylor Swift Officially Holds Hands With Boyfriend Joe AlwynIt’s a Swift boyfriend paparazzi debut!
  5. you know what i heard
    If Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Don’t Get Engaged This Year, I Will Lose ItAnd more in this week’s celebrity gossip column.
  6. the swift pr machine
    Taylor Swift in Trouble With the ACLU After Threatening CriticThe album rollout is not going as planned.
  7. gorgeous
    The 12 Most Middle-School Lines From Taylor Swift’s New Song“Gorgeous” sounds like a preteen diary entry.
  8. the swift pr machine
    Taylor Swift’s New Album Is Reportedly Extremely PettyReputation apparently just “chronicles her feuds.”
  9. look what you made her do
    Oh God, a New Taylor Swift Video Is ComingShe was spotted filming in a London kebab shop.
  10. the swift pr machine
    Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn Are Still Together But It’s Very SecretThey’ve been staying at Cara Delevingne’s flat.
  11. the swift pr machine
    Nobody Loves Brands More Than Taylor SwiftShe’s capitalism’s favorite pop star.
  12. the swift pr machine
    Taylor Swift Filed for a Whole New Set of TrademarksHmm, this feels like the Old Taylor.
  13. look what you made me do
    Watch Taylor Swift’s New Video Full of Endless Taylor Swift ReferencesIt’s all about her past selves.
  14. look what you made me do
    What Does Taylor Swift’s Squad Think of the New Single?So far, Ruby Rose loves it.
  15. The Funniest Reactions to Taylor Swift’s New Song“Taylor Swift’s album cover looks like your ex-BF’s first tattoo.”
  16. the swift pr machine
    Taylor Swift Is Definitely Not Done With The Snake MotifThe singer is selling snake jewelry now.
  17. the swift pr machine
    Is Taylor Swift About to Blow All of Our Minds?Swift broke her social-media blackout with a cryptic Instagram video.
  18. the swift pr machine
    Calvin Harris Finally Speaks Out About Taylor Swift BreakupIt’s time.
  19. the swift pr machine
    Taylor Swift and Actor Joe Alwyn Seen in Public Together for the First TimeAre they out of the woods yet?
  20. swish swish
    Taylor Swift’s Squad Is Already Freaking Out Over Katy Perry’s Diss TrackIt’s called “Swish Swish.”
  21. the swift pr machine
    37 Things to Know About Taylor Swift’s New Boyfriend Joe AlwynA compendium of information about the guy we have to know, now.
  22. the swift pr machine
    Taylor Swift is Reportedly Dating A New British ActorAfter months of disguises.
  23. hiddleswift
    Tom Hiddleston Does Not Like Being Asked If He ‘Regrets’ Taylor SwiftPlease stop asking him about it.
  24. i <3 t.s.
    Tom Hiddleston Finally Explains That Taylor Swift Tank TopThe British actor breaks his legendary silence in a GQ profile.
  25. the taylor swift experience
    Watch Taylor Swift Get Acoustic at What Might Be Her Only Concert of the YearSoak her in while you can.
  26. the swift pr machine
    Like Trump, Taylor Swift Cares About NumbersTaylor Swift responds to record-setting attendance at Women’s Marches across the country.
  27. the taylor swift experience
    Yes, Taylor Swift Did the Mannequin Challenge, TooBecause, of course.
  28. the swift pr machine
    Taylor Swift Seeking Catharsis in Breakup Songs About Hiddleston, Calvin HarrisSometimes it’s hard to “Shake It Off.”
  29. the swift pr machine
    And Taylor Swift Is Voting For …Duh duh duh.
  30. the swift pr machine
    Taylor Swift Might Be Back Together With Tom HiddlestonFans have tracked her plane to London.
  31. the swift pr machine
    Oh My God, What If Taylor Swift Wants to Date DrakeHere’s a theory.
  32. the swift pr machine
    Taylor Swift Won’t Save Us From Donald TrumpTo expect Swift to speak out against Trump is to misunderstand what she’s been selling all along.
  33. the swift pr machine
    Taylor Swift Thinks Demi Lovato Is Just JealousTaylor Swift reacts to Demi Lovato’s comments about her “squad.”
  34. Tom Hiddleston Thinks His Relationship With Taylor Swift Was ‘Private,’ SureApparently, all of those paparazzi photos were “unsolicited.”
  35. the swift pr machine
    Oh My God, Did Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston Break Up AlreadyUs Weekly says they did.
  36. AHHHH
    Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston Had Their First ‘Major Fight,’ AhhhDrama!
  37. taylor swift in 2007
    Taylor Swift Brags About Her ‘Edgy’ Life in Old Myspace PostsShe wrote some great blogs.
  38. good news
    Thank God: Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston Follow Each Other on InstagramPhew.
  39. no big deal
    Taylor Lautner Remembers His Taylor Swift Song Taylor Lautner tries to play it cool. 
  40. the swift pr machine
    Taylor Swift Finds Insane New Way to WalkHere’s a fun video. 
  41. the swift pr machine
    Friend Compares Taylor Swift to Nicole SimpsonThe Taylor Swift defenders have gone insane.
  42. the swift pr machine
    Taylor Swift’s Fans Start Their Own Hashtag in SolidaritySo as not to be outdone by the competing, trending hashtags of the previous night.
  43. one point for the dj calvin harris
    Meanwhile, Calvin Harris Reportedly Has a New GirlfriendIt’s R&B singer Tinashe.
  44. Celebrities and Other Sort-of-Famous Women React to the Feud of the CenturyOf course, Chloë Grace Moretz has the loudest voice of all.
  45. swift squad
    Imagine Your Life’s Accomplishments Getting Downgraded to ‘Squad Member’Martha Hunt tells the tabloids about Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston.
  46. the calvin harris breakup tour
    Calvin Harris Finally Goes Off on Taylor SwiftThis! Is! Drama!
  47. the swift pr machine
    The Craziest Theory About Taylor Swift’s BreakupIt’s all over Calvin Harris’s song “This Is What You Came For.”
  48. the swift pr machine
    Tom Hiddleston Needs to Practice Relationship PRNot great, Tom.
  49. the swift pr machine
    Calvin Harris’s Breakup Song ‘Ole’ Is HereIt’s definitely about someone. 
  50. the calvin harris breakup tour
    Calvin Harris to Release Song About Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston, meanwhile, are wearing matching outfits.
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