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    It’s Forbidden to Meme the PSAT — but That Won’t Stop the TeensTo the College Board’s dismay, teens won’t stop making hilarious jokes about the test material.
  2. the teens
    Multiple Teens Have Entered the Kansas Governor’s RaceThe teens want to be governor.
  3. the teens
    American Vandal Is the Most Realistic Portrayal of High School EverIt’s also really, really funny.
  4. politics
    Cool Teen Ivanka Trump Once Went ‘Missing’ in AspenShe was found “with a boy.”
  5. q&a
    This Author Wrote a Best-selling Novel Inspired by Black Lives Matter“I want young black girls to read this and understand: Your voice matters, your life matters.”
  6. the teens
    This Teen Book About Black Lives Matter Is the No. 1 YA Book in the CountryThe kids are all right.
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    Wet Seal Is Closing All of Its LocationsThe chain is all washed up, and people have feelings about it.
  8. Teens Now Associate ‘Smoking’ With Marijuana, Not CigarettesSomeone call Merriam-Webster.
  9. Banning Teens From Tanning Would Save Thousands of Lives and Millions of DollarsHow are we still debating this?
  10. Here’s How Teen Birthrates Differ in Rural and Urban Areas in the U.S.A new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report examines teen birthrates across the U.S.
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    Teen Vogue Will Now Only Publish 4 Issues a YearThe title is cutting down its print frequency and betting big on digital.
  12. Modern Teens Willing to Eat Healthy If It Will Piss Their Parents OffRebels with a cause.
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    Teen, Forced to Go on Vacation With Her Family, Calls 911The logical decision. 
  14. Why Parents Shouldn’t Talk About Weight With Their TeensNew guidelines seek to banish weight talk.
  15. the teens
    Teens Are Vaping Themselves Into Nicotine AddictionThe ‘90s are back — but this time, with vapes.
  16. Teen Girl Gets Fired After Calling Out Her Boss for Pay DiscriminationThe legacy of Lilly Ledbetter lives on.
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    Teens Obsessively Curate Their InstagramsAdults are devastatingly uncool.
  18. the teens
    Hot New Trend: The Obscenely Expensive PromposalThe $300-plus question: “Will you go to prom with me?”
  19. the teens
    The Pope Says Happiness Isn’t Found in an App, But Hasn’t He Heard of Instagram?The Pope came for the teens.
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    Teen Lifts Burning Truck Off Dad, Disproves Myth That Teens Are UselessTeens: They can be heroes, too.
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    Paxil May Put Teens at Greater Risk for SuicideA new analysis finds “mischief” in an older study on the antidepressant.  
  22. Teen Suicide in Japan Rises at School-Year StartThe saddest day of the year.
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    New Study Links Teen Sadness to Social Media UseDo not like.