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The Vindicated

  1. IBM’s Jeopardy! Stunt Computer Is Curing Cancer NowNo longer just a party trick, IBM’s data Goliath, Watson, is being used to assist doctors in developing novel new treatments for patients.
  2. the vindicated
    Has Hypnosis Finally Been Vindicated by Neuroscience?It may be all in your mind, but brain scans suggest the effects are real.
  3. The Electric Kool-Aid Acid CureDepressed? Try dropping some acid. After a 50-year research hiatus, new clinical studies are pointing the way toward LSD’s redemption.
  4. A Mad Doctor and a 19th-Century Medical Mystery We’re Still Learning From TodayAfter making one of the most significant discoveries in modern medicine, Ignaz Semmelweis was beaten to death in an insane asylum.
  5. Turns Out Grandma Was Actually Right About These Weird Pregnancy SuperstitionsRecent scientific studies have confirmed that some of the most outlandish old wives’ tales about babies might have merit after all.
  6. AIDS’ Patient Zero Is Innocent, But We’re Still Learning Who He Really WasThe complicated legacy of Gaëtan Dugas, long vilified as the man responsible for the U.S. AIDS epidemic, now exonerated by science.