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The Wage Gap

  1. the wage gap
    Vice Sued by Former Employee for Pay Discrimination Against WomenThe media group had previously committed to pay parity by 2018.
  2. equal pay day
    Why White Women Must Make the Equal-Pay Fight More Inclusive“This work doesn’t need your guilt; it requires your solidarity.”
  3. equal pay day
    3 Women on What Happened When They Asked for a Raise“I’d sooner have taken off all my clothes and run down the street than ask someone for money.”
  4. The Pay Gap Between Black and White Americans Is Bigger Today Than in 1979And it affects black women the most.
  5. Black Women Saw a Surprising Decline in Wages Over the Past 10 YearsThe gender pay gap is persisting.
  6. the wage gap
    Why Do Preschool Teachers Earn So Much Less Than Those Teaching Older Kids?A new study released by the Obama administration as part of the United State of Women Summit is not encouraging.
  7. the wage gap
    The New York Times Has a Serious Pay-Gap ProblemA new report found that, on average, women earn 7 percent less and people of color earn 10 percent less at the paper.
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    Here’s What Happens When Men Write About the Gender Pay GapAnd here’s everything they got wrong.