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    Here Are 5 Very Spelled-Out Ways to Ask for What You Want at WorkYou can do this. Really.
  2. the workplace
    Behaving Like a Boss Increases Women’s Testosterone LevelsAn intriguing study on how behavior affects hormone production. 
  3. power
    How Powerful Do You Think You Are?A somewhat ridiculous way to find out how you perceive yourself.
  4. work
    Why We Need Older Women in the WorkplaceThey show us who we want to be.
  5. studies
    The Psychological Case Against Casual FridaysSuit up.
  6. how-tos
    The Boys Club Seduction Guide Merrill Lynch UsedAccording to a new gender-discrimination lawsuit.
  7. a woman’s work
    Lonely at the Top: Being a Lady Boss Without Mentors“I worried about how to establish myself as an authority without seeming like an asshole.”
  8. having it all
    How to Hire Women: Compare Them to MenAnd other women!