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The Yesteryear Issue

  1. the new york it girl
    Today’s ‘It’ Girls in Conversation: Clara Perlmutter, Ella Emhoff, and FriendsClara Perlmutter and her friends Ella Emhoff, Fiffany Luu, Pierrah Hilaire, and Noor Elkhaldi form a group chat come to life.
  2. the it girl issue
    What Happened to Baby Jane Holzer, the Original Warhol Girl?She doesn’t think that much about her time in the limelight.
  3. the it girl issue
    Chloë Sevigny, ‘It’ Girl to End All ‘It’ GirlsBut Hollywood never really knew what to do with her.
  4. the it girl issue
    Cory Kennedy Was the Internet’s First ‘It’ GirlBut the “indie-sleaze” muse never really felt seen.
  5. the it girl issue
    151 New York ‘It’ GirlsWho anointed them, what it was like to be them, and where they are now.
  6. the it girl issue
    My Short (and Kind of Complicated) Stint As a Social“It might be hyperbolic to say that we were to New York what ‘Young Hollywood’ was to L.A.”
  7. the it girl issue
    She Played ‘Lisa E.’ for Two and a Half YearsThen decided it was time to get out.
  8. the it girl issue
    An Alexa Chung Superfan Finally Meets HerFor years, Annie Hamilton had a burner Instagram account devoted to her.
  9. the it girl issue
    The Sykes Sisters Enjoyed Their ‘It’-dom (Most of the Time)On dancing at Moomba, catching a flight with Trump, and dating while “It.”
  10. the it girl issue
    What Was (and Is) the ‘It’ Girl?An investigation.
  11. the it girl issue
    Lizzie Grubman Was the Original PR Power GirlBut she doesn’t want to be defined by that night in the Hamptons.
  12. the it girl issue
    You’re an It Girl! You’re an It Girl! Everyone’s an It Girl!Tinsley Mortimer, Allison Sarofim, Annelise Peterson, Zani Gugelmann, and 101 other ‘It’ girls who followed.
  13. the it girl issue
    Debi Mazar Was the Hardest Working “It” GirlOn working the door at Danceteria and cutting Warhol’s hair.
  14. the it girl issue
    Jaime King Was Too Young for All ThatThe model who became a face of “heroin chic” in conversation with Alissa Bennet.