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  1. the youth
    This Teen Who Arrived to Prom in a Coffin Will Make You Feel Extremely OldThat’s one way to make an entrance.
  2. the youth
    How Long Until These Roommates With a Fancy Dorm Room Hate Each Other?This viral Ole Miss dorm is only one of many.
  3. the youth
    28 Teens Injured at YouTuber ConcertKanye West was not involved.
  4. teens explain things to me
    A Guide to Cool Teen SlangIn: Gucci, Curve, Cyph. Out: YOLO, Swag, Bae.
  5. the youth
    Millennial Party Monsters Overwhelm Kate Moss’s PartyKendall Jenner, Cara Delevingne, and Harry Styles, to name a few too many. 
  6. the youth
    The Teens’ New Favorite Store Is a One-Size-Fits-All Jorts EmporiumBrandy Melville. 
  7. the youth
    More Than Two-Thirds of the Youth Want Wearable TechSmart watches! 
  8. the youth
    ‘Fauxsumerism’ Is the Latest Millennial TrendA generation of wish-list makers.
  9. the youth
    This 13-Year-Old Designer’s Clothes Are Now Selling at NordstromUnderachiever.
  10. the youth
    Teenagers Are Now Using Tinder Nobody is safe, especially James Franco.
  11. our selfies ourselves
    Hey Teens, Your Damn Selfies Are Giving You LiceFacts of lice.
  12. checking in
    Youths Check Their Phones Every 10 MinutesEver reliable, those youths.
  13. the youth
    Germany Bans Cosmetic Surgery for MinorsUnless it’s deemed “medically necessary.”
  14. our selfies ourselves
    Youths Are Now Taking #DrivingSelfiesThe latest in ill-advised self-portraiture.