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  1. reopening
    ‘It’s Kind of Like You’re in an Alternate Reality’A Disney World attractions manager on trying to stay safe — and keep the “magic” alive — from behind a mask and face shield.
  2. shivers
    Disney World Releases Chilling Reopening VideoIt has been widely compared to a horror-movie trailer.
  3. no thank you
    Why Go On A Roller Coaster If You Can’t Scream?Theme parks in Japan are considering a ban on screaming to mitigate the spread of coronavirus.
  4. modelland
    Tyra Banks Is Opening a Model-Themed Theme ParkThe 21,000-square-foot park will be a “fantasy version” of the world of modeling, oh my God.
  5. unamusment park
    Erotic Theme Park Sounds Just As Stressful As Regular Theme ParkWe’ll sit this one out.