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  1. fireworks
    What’s Up With All These Fireworks?Some say bored young people, others say elaborate psy-ops.
  2. theories
    Writer: Maybe There Are Two Brett Kavanaughs, and the Bad One Is Somewhere ElseShe suggested that perhaps a look-alike was behind the alleged sexual assault.
  3. theories
    Post Malone Has Definitely Been Cursed by a Haunted BoxThe reason behind his recent string of near-death experiences.
  4. royals
    Why Is Everyone Freaking Out Over Kate Middleton’s Fingers?Her fingers became a Twitter moment.
  5. theories
    Putin’s Press Secretary Suggests Kim Kardashian Is a Chaos AgentHmmmmmm.
  6. theories
    Did Japan’s First Lady Pretend to Not Speak English to Avoid Talking to Trump?Here’s a fun theory.
  7. theories
    Your Bagged Salad Is Trying to Murder YouIn the last week alone, both a scorpion and a dead bat have been found in bagged salad mixes.
  8. A New Theory on OCD: Maybe It’s About ‘Guilt-Sensitivity’Those who “found guilt unbearable” were also the most likely to report compulsive checking.
  9. science of us
    The Trippy Theory of Consciousness at the Heart of WestworldJust in case you’ve ever questioned the nature of your reality.
  10. theories
    Did Julian Assange Put a Necktie on His Cat to Distract From Rape Charges?On the day Julian Assange was interviewed by Swedish prosecutors over rape accusations at the Ecuadorian embassy, his cat was seen wearing a necktie.
  11. theories
    Is Scientology the Reason Why Mariah Carey and Her Fiancé Broke Up?A new theory as to why Carey and billionaire James Packer split.
  12. theories
    A Neurologist Has Tried to Pinpoint What Bugs Him About Ted Cruz’s FaceLet’s hear him out.
  13. theories
    The Big Secret of Every Dating App: Tech Doesn’t MatterJust like at bars, it’s the crowd that counts.
  14. theories
    Maybe the VMAs Are a Feminist ConspiracyMove over, Illuminati.