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  1. how does that make you feel
    Does Your Therapy Need More Tarot?Jessica Dore thinks so.
  2. science of us
    How to Break Up With Your TherapistIt might be intimidating, but not impossible.
  3. how does that make you feel
    What to Do If Your Therapist Gives You Bad AdviceAnd how to tell when it happens.
  4. how does that make you feel
    5 Questions to Ask at Your First Couples Therapy SessionA guide for beginners.
  5. science of us
    A Beginner’s Guide to Cognitive Behavioral TherapyNot all therapies are alike.
  6. it's complicated
    Being Hangry Almost Destroyed My RelationshipA story of food, fights, and plenty of therapy.
  7. science of us
    A Sex Therapist on How She’d Approach the Sexual Problems in On Chesil BeachWhat happens when one half of a couple wants sex and the other never does?
  8. science of us
    7 Therapists on What to Do When You Feel LonelyA new study highlights how widespread loneliness really is. Here’s how to make yourself feel better when it hits.
  9. how does that make you feel
    Why Do I Still Feel Guilty for Ghosting My Therapist?So much for working on those communication skills.
  10. crime
    A Therapist Who Saw the Nanny Just Before the Murders TestifiesShe complained of anxiety, a racing heart, and financial stress.
  11. how does that make you feel
    Can Journaling Be a Substitute for Therapy?I’d been writing down my thoughts for more than a decade before deciding I needed new ways to manage my anxiety.
  12. how does that make you feel
    How to Feel When Your Therapist Cries in Front of YouShedding tears during a session used to be taboo, but more and more therapists are using their own emotions to help clients open up.
  13. how does that make you feel
    The Same Traits That Make a Good Therapist Also Make a Bad OneA new study found that the same behaviors people loved in their therapists were also the ones that they said turned them off.
  14. how does that make you feel
    How to Know When It’s Time to Leave Your TherapistTherapy isn’t supposed to be forever.
  15. how does that make you feel
    A Therapist on Learning to Empathize Without Burning OutBecause truly caring about someone else’s problems can be draining.
  16. how does that make you feel
    I’m a Therapist, But I’m Not Your TherapistIt’s tricky when your job means your friends want you to solve all their problems.
  17. how does that make you feel
    How to Gently Convince Your Friend to Go to TherapyTips for a tricky conversation.
  18. science of us
    A Therapist on That Awkward Sex Scene in ‘Cat Person’Talking through turn-ons and the tenuous nature of attraction.
  19. how does that make you feel
    8 Women on Therapy Horror StoriesMost of the time, therapy is a healthy experience. Most of the time.
  20. how does that make you feel
    A Beginner’s Guide to Finding the Right TherapistPutting your mental health in the right hands.
  21. sexology
    The Therapists Helping Sexual-Trauma Survivors Relearn to Love Sex“I can say without a doubt, clinically, the first step is self-pleasure.”
  22. tv microtrends
    TV Finally Figured Out Black Women Go to TherapyIs Nola Darling’s therapist taking new clients?
  23. psychology
    Why the Mother-Daughter Relationship in Lady Bird Feels So RealLady Bird is the rare film that fully acknowledges the complexity of parent-child relationships.
  24. what your therapist really thinks
    Dear Therapist: Should I Have a Baby Alone If I Can’t Find a Partner?There’s a difference between “I want” and “I’m afraid to want.”
  25. what your therapist really thinks
    Dear Therapist: ‘My Therapist Won’t Let Me Break Up With Her!’We’ve all been in situations where we convince ourselves that we can’t leave.
  26. what your therapist really thinks
    ‘I Love My Girlfriend. So Why Do I Keep Cheating on Her?’The people you run to can’t give you what you want, Lori Gottlieb writes in this week’s What Your Therapist Really Thinks.
  27. the people's pope
    Even the Pope Went to TherapyIt helped him “clarify some things.”
  28. sex diaries
    The Marketing Assistant Drunk-Texting Her Creative DirectorThis week’s sex diary.
  29. How Cell Phones Are Changing the Therapist-Patient RelationshipA psychiatrist’s thoughts on bringing smartphones into a session.
  30. keeping up with the royals
    Prince Harry Reveals He Sought a Therapist to Cope With Princess Diana’s Death“I have probably been very close to a complete breakdown on numerous occasions.”
  31. advice
    Ask Polly: What Does Love Feel Like?Get a dog and find out!
  32. Real-Life Therapists Love the Big Little Lies TherapistIn appreciation of Dr. Amanda Reisman.
  33. Selena Gomez Speaks Out About TherapyThe singer revealed she has been seeing a therapist five days a week since leaving a Tennessee psychiatric facility.
  34. A New Book Tells the Story of the Iconic Inkblot TestThe Rorschach test promised, like an x-ray, to read the internal core of our specialness.
  35. wellness theories
    Transparent’s Judith Light on Epsom Salts and Self-Awareness“Meditation isn’t just about going to a mountaintop.”
  36. The Potential Danger in Therapy Apps Like TalkspaceIf someone is contemplating suicide, is a text message enough?
  37. 8 Therapists on Postelection Anxiety — Their Clients’ and Their OwnIt’s been a busy month.
  38. mindfulness
    A Psychiatrist on Why Your Mind ‘Has a Mind of Its Own’“You don’t have a programmer, or a conductor — it’s just built into the nature of a complex system to have self-organization.”
  39. sex diaries
    The Divorced Real-Estate Broker Whose Therapist Encourages PromiscuityThis week’s sex diary.
  40. mental health
    Study Shows Why Teenage Girls Are More Likely to Develop PTSDTeenage boys and girls could benefit from different approaches in treatment.
  41. my two cents
    How Can I Afford Mental Health Care?More necessary now than ever.
  42. kim kardashian robbery
    Kim Kardashian Is in Therapy to Cope With Trauma From Violent RobberyShe’s reportedly “paranoid” and having trouble sleeping.
  43. the science of dreams
    If Your Uncontrollable Life Is Making You Anxious, Try Controlling Your DreamsSome scientists believe that lucid dreaming may be useful as a therapeutic tool.
  44. swellness
    12 People on Running As TherapyBecause running is free and shrinks aren’t.
  45. happiness
    To Get Happier, Focus on What Makes You MiserableA counterintuitive rejoinder to America’s get-happy-now craze.
  46. unwifeable
    How to Win at Marriage CounselingDo you want to be happy or be right? Be right, obviously.
  47. wellthy
    4 Mental-Health Apps That Are Cheaper Than TherapyJust add a couch.
  48. therapy
    Maybe Even Your Therapist Finds Your Problems BoringYou’re talking about your issues with your family; he’s wondering what he’ll have for dinner.
  49. advice
    Ask Polly: Why Do You Always Tell People to Go to Therapy?Having an objective listener makes a difference.
  50. therapy
    There’s a Shortage of Mental-Health Professionals in the U.S.So this explains why it’s so hard to find a good one.
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