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  1. unwifeable
    How to Win at Marriage CounselingDo you want to be happy or be right? Be right, obviously.
  2. wellthy
    4 Mental-Health Apps That Are Cheaper Than TherapyJust add a couch.
  3. therapy
    Maybe Even Your Therapist Finds Your Problems BoringYou’re talking about your issues with your family; he’s wondering what he’ll have for dinner.
  4. advice
    Ask Polly: Why Do You Always Tell People to Go to Therapy?Having an objective listener makes a difference.
  5. therapy
    There’s a Shortage of Mental-Health Professionals in the U.S.So this explains why it’s so hard to find a good one.
  6. first person
    I Broke Up With 6 Shrinks. Is It Them, or Me?When therapy resembles dating.
  7. psychology
    Friending Your Shrink: When You Find Your Therapist on Social Media“The tabula rasa Freudian ideal simply can’t happen in a digital age.”