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Theresa May

  1. maybot
    Theresa May Moves Body Arhythmically Again, This Time in KenyaDuring stops in Kenya and South Africa, PM May couldn’t stop trying to dance.
  2. diplomacy
    Trump Says the U.S. and U.K.’s Relationship Is the ‘Highest Level of Special’A true master of words, and international diplomacy.
  3. the art of diplomacy
    Donald Trump Allows Woman to Speak for 10 Whole SecondsThe president reportedly can’t stop interrupting British prime minister Theresa May.
  4. nsfw
    Top British Politician Resigns for Porn on Work ComputerDamian Green worked closely with Prime Minister Theresa May.
  5. oops
    Theresa May Would Like an Apology From the White HouseNo, not that Theresa May.
  6. shoes
    25 Famous Women on ShoesBeyoncé, Sarah Jessica Parker, and more on choosing heels or flats, Adidas slides or cowboy boots.
  7. first pets club
    Meet the World’s Most Powerful PetsFrom France’s new First Dog, Nemo, to Finland’s Lennu, who is “not fully media trained.”
  8. everyday sexism
    People Are Really Mad About This Sexist Daily Mail CoverIt compares the two leaders’ legs.
  9. politics
    Theresa May Explains That Whole Trump Hand-Holding ThingAt last, an answer.
  10. cover girls
    British Prime Minister Theresa May Lands Her First Vogue CoverAnnie Leibovitz took the photos.
  11. political fashion
    British People Are Fired Up About PM Theresa May’s Pricey Leather TrousersNo skins please, we’re British.
  12. politics
    British Lawmaker Says He’ll Make Sure Trump Doesn’t Grope Theresa May“Don’t touch her for goodness’ sake!”
  13. shoe spats
    Some People Want Theresa May to Stop Wearing Her Leopard-Print Kitten HeelsIn the name of gender equality.
  14. Britain’s Next Prime Minister Will Be a WomanShe’ll be the second female PM in the country’s history.