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  1. thieves
    The New Fifty Shades Manuscript Is Too Sexy to Wait for, ApparentlySomebody stole it.
  2. burglaries
    $550,900 Worth of Hermès Goods Stolen in MilanFrom an unattended van.
  3. burglars
    Diamond Heist Possibly Sexy Before It Got BustedIn our imagination, that is.
  4. life imitates art
    Moncler Publicist Allegedly Pulls a Thomas CrownHe was charged with stealing a Salvador Dalí painting and a steak.
  5. thieves
    Masked Thieves Stole $400K Worth of Louis Vuitton LootThey made off with it at a Paris airport.
  6. thieves
    Marc Jacobs Offers Reward for Stolen CollectionApparently £40,000 (or $63,528) worth of clothes are still missing.
  7. thieves
    Marc Jacobs’s Entire Spring Collection Reportedly Stolen in ParisKeep your eyes peeled for anyone trying to smuggle plastic paillettes.