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Thigh Gaps

  1. amy schumer’s guide to life
    Amy Schumer Will Not Let Thigh Chafing Ruin a Good NightNo thigh gap, no problem.
  2. urban ouchfitters
    For 2015, Urban Outfitters Brings You Thigh Gaps and SchadenfreudeA banned ad in the U.K.
  3. beauty interviews
    Cindy Crawford on Working Out, Her Beauty Routine, and MoreShe’s talking about what makes beauty meaningful.
  4. delightful people
    A Rock Star’s Daughter Designed a Butt-Centric Clothing LineGene Simmons’s daughter is the crown jewel of Family Jewels.
  5. lists
    16 Gaps Facing Women TodayWage gap, confidence gap, thigh gap.
  6. non-scandals
    Did Beyoncé Photoshop Her Thigh Gap?Ugh. Stop asking.