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Things We Saw With Zoom

  1. things we saw with zoom
    Angelina Is Wearing Two Wedding Bands NowDid she and Brad get married?
  2. multi-zoom analysis
    To Discuss: LiLo’s Coachella Belly Ring, BrotherAttended with 16-year-old brother.
  3. love and literally war
    North Korean Lady Soldiers Wear 4-Inch HeelsZoom in on this strange photograph.
  4. Zoom on This: Zany Eyes From China Fashion WeekDo the models do eyelid exercises in preparation?
  5. oscars 2013
    Zoom on This: Charlize Theron’s New Hair/EverythingWe are not worthy.
  6. zoom shots
    Zoom on This: Three Shades of Glitter at ThakoonIt’s like the starriest of nights.
  7. beyonce bowl
    If You Blinked, You Missed Beyoncé’s NailsSo here’s a freeze-frame zoom-shot of her manicure.
  8. dresstiquette
    J.Lo’s Floating-Iceberg-Butt Dress Raises QuestionsWhat’s the etiquette for going commando in a borrowed gown?
  9. things we saw with zoom
    At Dior Couture, Raf Covered Lips With CrystalsAir kisses are necessary with these puckers.
  10. zoom shots
    Important Question: What Nail Color Did Beyoncé Wear?Pantone didn’t see this one coming.
  11. things we saw with zoom
    Zoom Shot: Anne Hathway’s Nervous NailsNothing like anxiety to kill a caviar manicure.
  12. things we saw with zoom
    Can You Tell Which Congresswomen Were Late to Nancy Pelosi’s Photo Shoot?A Cut zoom quiz.
  13. things we saw with zoom
    Zoom Shot: How to Tell If a Man Is Wearing MakeupExhibit A: Jared Leto.
  14. zoom shots
    Zoom Shot: Keira Knightley’s Red LipsTwo different colors on one pout.
  15. things we saw with zoom
    Zoom Shots: Dame Judi Dench ‘Vajazzled’ Her NeckShe’s earned it.
  16. things we saw with zoom
    Jon Hamm’s Visible Powder and Peen: A Multi-Zoom AnalysisIt’s almost as if something distracted his makeup artist.
  17. things we saw with zoom
    Gerard Butler Has a Picture of Himself in a Wig on His PhoneZoom in on it.
  18. zoom shots
    Zoom Shot: Jessica Chastain’s Perfect SkinRadiant after a hard night’s work.
  19. multi-zoom analysis
    Blake Lively’s Ring-Flaunting Sparkle-Fest: A Multi-Zoom AnalysisBody glitter and butt bling, we can see it with zoom.
  20. things we saw with zoom
    Zoom Shot: Rainbow Brite Eyes at Christian DiorThe work of a magical makeup fairy.
  21. things we saw with zoom
    Jenna Lyons Loosened Up Her Buttons, BabyThis party looks like fun.
  22. things we saw with zoom
    Kim Kardashian’s Boobs Trapped in Evil WebEventually, her sideboobs were freed.
  23. things we saw with zoom
    Olivia Munn’s Nail Art Looks Spotty Plus, the thinnest ring you almost didn’t see.