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  1. weddings
    This Is What Happens When You Invite Dr. Phil to Your WeddingA cautionary tale.
  2. male gaze
    Sexiest Man Alive Actually Sexy This TimePeople Magazine finally got its head right and chose Idris Elba.
  3. i’m parched
    Black Panther Has the Hottest Cast of Any Marvel Movie EverBetter order an extra-large soda at the theater, you’re gonna get thirsty.
  4. thirst
    Woman Reportedly Broke Into Drake’s House and Robbed Him of Refreshing BeveragesSo thirsty.
  5. thirst
    All Hail Emilia Clarke, Our Thirstiest CelebrityShe’s just like us!
  6. water water everywhere nor any drop to drink
    This Comment on Justin Theroux’s Instagram Deserves to Go in the LouvreHe used all his words.