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This Will Scare You

  1. this will scare you
    We Are Dying Over This Blog About Bad Etsy StuffYou would not believe some of the things people sell on there.
  2. this will scare you
    Dina Lohan to Launch ‘Shoe-han’ Shoe LineOh dear.
  3. this will scare you
    What Is Ron Jeremy Doing at Fashion Week?Checking out Avril Lavigne’s latest collection for Kohl’s, of course!
  4. this will scare you
    Lindsay Lohan Appointed ‘Artistic Adviser’ to Emanuel UngaroNo wonder Esteban Cortazar didn’t want to stick around.
  5. this will scare you
    Video: How Miley Cyrus Cleans Out Her ClosetWe can’t promise this won’t make you upset in some way.
  6. this will scare you
    Forever 21 to Launch Home and Beauty LinesAdmit it — you miss the blow-up couch you had when you were 12.
  7. this will scare you
    Christian Audigier and Jon Gosselin Want to Design a Kids’ Line TogetherThat’s right: Jon and Christian plus many more kids than eight.
  8. this will scare you
    American Apparel’s Baby Lamé Predictably TerrifyingIt was only a matter of time.
  9. this will scare you
    Just What You Don’t Need: The ‘Tan Through’ BikiniReplace your tan lines with skin cancer on your nether regions!
  10. summer or bust
    The Wearable Towel: Summer’s Snuggie?If we’re wearing blankets in the winter, we may as well wear towels in the summer.
  11. this will scare you
    Just Because You Can Make Tank Tops Out of Your Man’s Boxer Briefs Doesn’t Mean You ShouldPrepare to be horrified.
  12. this will scare you
    Panties That Engrave Flowers on Your ButtAll you have to do is sit down.
  13. this will scare you
    Arden Wohl: Look-Book Model ExtraordinairePainted-on headbands have never looked so good.