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Tidying Up

  1. sparking joy
    Marie Kondo Has ‘Kind of Given Up’ on Being NeatValidation for messy homes everywhere.
  2. tidying up
    The Queen of Decluttering Would Like to Sell You Some ThingsBecause your house is empty after tidying up.
  3. kids
    Does This Children’s Book Spark Joy?Marie Kondo’s new book will teach kids how to “tidy” and “embrace joy.”
  4. tidying up
    Marie Kondo Is Sending Hypebeasts Into Emotional Distress“Wife watched Marie Kondo and is making me sell this shirt.”
  5. culture
    The Marie Kondo Book Drama Does Not Spark JoyLetting go of this discourse.
  6. an investigation
    Are People Really Flooding the Container Store Because of Marie Kondo?A short investigation into a maybe-trend.