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  1. parenting
    Anonymous young woman taking care of her baby while working at home with smartphone
    A Compendium of the Strangest Newborn-Baby Content on TikTokPerhaps that 2-month-old would sleep better if you didn’t have a ring light trained on him.
  2. wait what is happening on tiktok?
    An Extremely Thorough Guide to ‘Who TF Did I Marry’In case you don’t have ten hours to devote to the TikTok story of a woman who claims she married a pathological liar.
  3. are u coming?
    Packing for Paris With Alex ConsaniThe massively popular TikTok star–slash–model is doing all of Fashion Month with a carry-on.
  4. influencers
    Pookie Takes ManhattanThe viral TikTok star (and her husband) have brought their fit checks to Fashion Week.
  5. celebrity
    Bobbi Althoff Is Getting DivorcedThe podcast host confirmed that she and her husband are parting ways.
  6. celebrity
    Charli D’Amelio and Landon Barker Broke UpThe conscious uncoupling of an influencer and a nepo baby.
  7. crime
    Gypsy Rose Blanchard, America’s SweetheartSince her release from prison, Gypsy Rose Blanchard has had to perform the perfect abuse survivor to her almost 10 million TikTok followers.
  8. the internet
    Who Is That Model Making Homemade Cereal on TikTok?A Nara Smith primer.
  9. culture
    Good Luck Finding Music for Your TikTok NowSongs by Taylor Swift, Bad Bunny, Rihanna, and more have been pulled from the app.
  10. influencers
    Who Are Pookie and Jett Puckett?TikTok’s new favorite southern couple is looking absolutely amazing tonight.
  11. books
    Author J.D. Barker’s ‘Racy’ Spon-Con Request Rankles BookTokAuthor J.D. Barker is under fire after creators received a request to film sexually suggestive spon-con for his erotic thriller.
  12. celebrity
    You Should Really Be Following Jessica Biel on TikTokThe actress has lots of tips for things like eating in the shower and eating on a plane.
  13. controversy
    Why Are TikTok Moms Mad at Kyte Baby?A popular baby-clothing brand is under fire for denying an employee maternity leave.
  14. culture
    The 40-Ounce BullyIn middle schools across the country, owning a candy-colored Stanley cup (or, ideally, several) can make or break your social standing.
  15. tiktok
    I’m Not Ready for a Pomegranate ComebackThe overrated fruit is suddenly all over TikTok.
  16. water
    What Would You Do for a Stanley Cup?Thermos lovers are lining up at Target for the brand’s Valentine’s Day collaboration.
  17. wait what is happening on tiktok?
    Everyone Worth Following on the 9-Month CruiseYour new favorite reality show is on your TikTok feed.
  18. talking to
    The Lonely Teens of TikTok“I made a video like: I have no friends. Here’s what I’m doing today! That definitely grabbed people’s attention.”
  19. q+a
    What It’s Like to Have Olivia Rodrigo Stab Your Cakes“I was so excited to see her just absolutely destroy them.”
  20. culture
    You Can Keep Your Shoes on at Delaney Rowe’s HouseThe cringe connoisseur of TikTok is “the opposite of a germaphobe.”
  21. parenting
    TikTok’s Version of Parenting Is a Nightmare FantasyHaving a baby isn’t easy, but it’s far from the hellscape I can’t stop watching on my FYP.
  22. reality reckoning
    Bethenny Frankel, Still Dragging EveryoneTikToking a baked potato with the self-described “Erin Brockovich” of the reality TV reckoning.
  23. health
    The Truth Behind All That Cortisol TalkIf you learned about — and then obsessed over — high cortisol with Dr. TikTok, it’s time for a reality check.
  24. year in review
    The Year in TikTok DramaHorny ice hockey fans, eyelash imposters, DIY feuds — in 2023, there was always something to fight about online.
  25. power
    The Rise and Fall of ‘Dr. Roxy’When plastic surgeon Dr. Katharine Grawe rose to TikTok fame, her OR seemed busier than ever. Until a record of botched surgeries caught up to her.
  26. tiktok
    Concealer Lips Are … Back?Apparently it’s the early 2000s again, according to Sofia Richie Grainge.
  27. celebrity
    Let Hailey Bieber Be Bloated in Peace“There’s something that’s disheartening about, Can’t I be bloated one time and not be pregnant?
  28. health
    Is Your Body Out of Sync With a Man’s World?On TikTok, influencers promise you can beat burnout by planning your life around your menstrual cycle.
  29. tiktok
    Trouble on Djerf AvenueMatilda Djerf is being accused of copyright-striking small creators.
  30. tiktok
    Who Are Lunden and Olivia, and Why Are They Sorry?The TikTok influencer couple has apologized for Lunden’s old racist tweets.
  31. women in stem
    So Now We Are Just Doing Math for FunGirl math, boy math, how about no math at all?
  32. parenting
    I Asked 65 Teens How They Feel About Being Online“Social media is a necessity. You take it away from us? It’s like, Oh, wow, we have nothing left.”
  33. payday
    ‘I Pay My College Tuition by Making TikToks’A beauty influencer breaks down how brand deals are funding her degree.
  34. fall fashion issue 2023
    Dylan Mulvaney’s Girlhood, InterruptedShe never expected to be attacked by the right-wing ghoul squad for just being so delightfully herself. She’s ready to make the most of it.
  35. tiktok
    Can We Please Stop Calling Our Faces Food?From lattes to strawberries – TikTok has a food for every makeup trend.
  36. style
    The Algorithm Chose @SubwaySessions. We Asked Her Our Burning QuestionsKristina Avakyan has gone viral on TikTok for her divisive outfits. Why do we care?
  37. niche drama
    The Smutty Hockey Drama Melting Down BookTokRomance-novel fans pined for Seattle Kraken player Alex Wennberg, who now says their posts crossed the line into sexual harassment.
  38. the internet
    What We’re Really Saying When We Talk About GatekeepingIt’s always been about the most powerful — it’s who has power and what they do with it that has changed.
  39. influencers
    First Comes Love, Then Comes Spon-conFans are speculating that beauty influencer Mikayla Nogueira’s wedding was one big branded-content deal.
  40. power
    Everything We Know About the Investigation Into Andrew TateThe misogynist influencer will go to trial on charges of rape and human trafficking in Romania.
  41. health
    What to Know About BerberineThe supplement TikTok influencers call “nature’s Ozempic” isn’t FDA-approved and its long-term effects are unclear.
  42. dating
    So What’s Your ‘Beige Flag’?If you can’t answer … well, that’s your answer.
  43. style
    We’ve Hit Peak DupeThese days, shoppers will buy anything — except the real thing.
  44. the internet
    We’re All Shopping Addicts NowThere is always a newer, cooler, more desirable version of ourselves to become, if only we buy the right products.
  45. beauty
    Why Black Women Creators Are Accusing Tarte of Mistreatment (Again)Here’s the full breakdown.
  46. fixations
    Christian Bale, Gen-Z HeartthrobThe fan-cam edits of Patrick Bateman are less concerning than they look.
  47. sexual battery
    What We Know About the Arrest of Jackson MahomesThe TikTok influencer and younger brother of Patrick Mahomes has been charged with sexual battery.
  48. ‘drama’
    Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber Are Not in a FeudBut their fans are obsessed with proving otherwise.
  49. the hard part
    Are You a Silky Mom, a Crunchy Mom, or a Scrunchie Mom?Parenting, according to TikTok.
  50. fixations
    I Can’t Shut Up About #WaterTok“Water recipes” are TikTok’s latest deranged beverage trend.
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